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  1. Raw Milk

    A special Masters of Social Gastronomy podcast short—all about RAW MILK! Sarah explores the history of the milk industry and why we pasteurize milk; Soma analyzes the scientific reasons to drink (or not to drink) raw milk. From swill milk to yellow milk to creamy milk to the lactose intolerant, we’ll answer the question: should you drink raw milk?

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  2. Episode 1: UNPLUG

    Here’s the first episode of my new show about Independent Video Game Music, I’m calling it MetaVendetta…

    Music is one of my biggest passions in life along with games. I think I’ve found away to take my pretentious thoughts about the music scene and focus them into a singular outlet: indie games. An area so rich with interesting and innovative music, I think it deserves a soapbox – a place of celebration!

    So here goes my first episode of MetaVendetta, the show that combines 2 things I love – Indie Games & Music:

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  3. Making sense of the price of milk

    Cheap milk is driving a hard bargain between the dairy farmers and the milk processors. Facing big cuts in milk sales to supermarkets and stiff competition in the marketplace generally, dairy processor Lion is cutting contracts back and paying less for the milk they buy from farmers. But consumers are loving the low prices and sales of supermarket brands continues to increase.

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  4. Black Milk & Apollo Brown - Black & Brown (2018) Beat Tape

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    1. Apollo Brown - Mr T (00:00)
    2. Black Milk - Try (03:11)
    3. Apollo Brown - Block Elements (06:34)
    4. Black Milk - Broken Wax (08:07)
    5. Apollo Brown - We The People (09:14)
    6. Black Milk - Long Story Short (13:15)
    7. Apollo Brown - Poverty’s Pair Of Dice (17:58)
    8. Black Milk - Transitional Joint (20:05)
    9. Apollo Brown - Humble Pi (22:45)
    10. Black Milk - Reunion (25:58)
    11. Apollo Brown - Balance (29:57)
    12. Black Milk - U (32:46)
    13. Apollo Brown - Without Jan (35:58)
    14. Black Milk - Love At 1st Mice (37:43)
    15. Apollo Brown - Born On Halloween (40:54)
    16. Black Milk - Wake Up (42:43)

    Black Milk & Apollo Brown - Black & Brown (2018) Beat Tape

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  5. Soy, Almond, Coconut: If It’s Not From A Cow, Can You Legally Call It Milk? : The Salt : NPR

    Some members of Congress are calling on the government to crack down on food labels like soy milk or hemp milk. They say the "milk" label is legally reserved for only one beverage source: cows.

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  6. Stream Julia Jacklin – Crushing | Track by Track | New Music | Consequence of Sound

    Julia Jacklin has released her new sophomore studio album, Crushing, via Polyvinyl Record Co. Stream the entire album now along with a Track by Track breakdown in which the singer-songwriter digs into the influences, stories, and backgrounds of each song.

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  7. Podcast 236 - Interview with Sally Fallon on Raw Milk

    Paul Wheaton and Sally Fallon talk about the health benefits of raw milk. They also talk about the importance of fat in the diet and the Raw Milk Symposium.

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