Podcast #102: The Science of Style With Antonio Centeno | The Art of Manliness

Today’s guest needs no introduction. Antonio Centeno, owner of Real Men Real Style has been AoM’s main style contributor since 2008. Today Tony and I have a conversation about the history and science of men’s style. We talk about the martial origins of the business suit and what research says about how dressing better can improve your life. It’s a really interesting and fun discussion.

Show Highlights

Who’s more vain? Low testosterone or high testosterone men?

The battlefield origins of the suit and tie

Where in the heck did the tuxedo come from?

How style can make you look more masculine

How what you wear can make people think you’re smarter and more talented than you really are

How your clothing can change the way you feel about yourself

And much more!

Be sure to check out all of Tony’s great style content here on AoM and on Real Men Real Style. Also, this May Tony’s putting on a men’s style conference in Atlanta, GA. You’ll learn everything from how to improve your style to how to increase your confidence.


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