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TDI Podcast: Mr. Money Mustache and Me (#376)

TDI Podcast: Mr. Money Mustache and Me (#376)

August 10, 2014 2:24 pm

Guest: Mr. Money Mustache joins us for a discussion on how to live the good life on very little. We discuss spending habits and how he and his family live comfortably on $25,000 a year or less.

Some of the major news that moved markets this week are also explored as well as what to watch over the next few weeks.

We go into some detail about how to use the VIX as a portfolio hedge as well.

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Mr. Money Mustache is a thirtysomething retiree who now writes about how we can all live a frugal yet “Badass life” of leisure.His wife and he studied engineering and computer science in Canada, then worked in standard tech-industry cubicle jobs in various locations throughout the late ’90s and early 2000s.

Then, they retired from real work way back in 2005 in order to start a family. This was achieved not through luck or amazing skill, but simply by living a lifestyle about 50% less expensive than most of our peers and investing the surplus in very boring conservative Vanguard index funds and a rental house or two.

Twitter : @mrmoneymustache

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