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  1. Jocko Underground 029: Jealousy and Insecurity. Break Ups. Control Rowdy Kids. Using Influential Words. | Jocko Underground

    Jealousy and Insecurity. Break ups. Controlling your kids. Using the right words for influence. Choosing between kids and self-improvement.

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  2. Jocko Underground 028: You Are NOT Right, So Don’t Act Like It. How to Get Treated Like a “Man” and Not A “Kid”. Keeping Emotions In Check At Home. | Jocko Underground

    You Are not “right” so stop acting like it.

    Help getting through a death in the family.

    Keeping emotions in check at home.

    Tips for enduring the heat during physical work.

    Don Frye VS Wanerlei Silva in (in their prime). A hypothetical.

    How to deal with being treated like the “kid” in a group.

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  3. Jocko Underground 027: Claustrophobia. How To Get a Strong Mentor. Entrepreneurship Advice. Should a Competition be Equal For All Players? | Jocko Underground


    Finding a strong mentor.

    Food quality vs food quantity.

    Advice on Starting a business.

    Should I take a promotion?

    Equality among competitors?

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  4. Jocko Underground 026: The MONSTER Study: The More You Tell Them, The More They Believe. How Do SF Guys Fair in a Street Fight? Being an Employee of a Scammer. The Apocalypse. | Jocko Underground

    The Monster Study.

    SF Guys in a fight. How do they handle themselves?

    Pursuing Jiu Jitsu. Compete? or not?

    My boss was caught scamming customers.

    Communications in the apocalypse.

    Managing life when you have an unexpected addition to the family.

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  5. Jocko Underground 025: You’re Not Realizing That You’re OVER-Correcting. Motivation to Stay on THE PATH. Jiu Jitsu for Law Enforcement. | Jocko Underground

    Avoid over-correcting.

    Smash through plateaus.

    Having trouble staying on THE PATH.

    Jiu Jitsu for Law Enforcement.


    Should teens be wanting to join up?

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  6. Jocko Underground 024: A 7 Year-Old Kid Killed by 27 Body Slams. Over-Stepping Mothers. Are You Leading By Example? Getting After it? | Jocko Underground

    7 Year-Old killed by body slams.

    Dealing with a mother who micromanages how you run your family.

    Leading by example VS Making your team learn through a book.

    Fighting complacency.

    Can you Get After It it too much?

    Motivation for the will to fight a terminal disease.

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