Doug Lain - Capitalism: Is There No Alternative? | Legalise Freedom

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    Are there too many people on Earth? The subject of population is so controversial that it is almost impossible to discuss in any meaningful or objective way.

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  2. Dmitry Orlov - Shrinking the Technosphere | Legalise Freedom

    The endgame of the Technosphere is total domination. The outcome will be total destruction. But can humanity take back control before digital Armageddon dawns?

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    Shaun Chamberlin discusses Surviving the Future: Culture, Carnival and Capital in the Aftermath of the Market Economy.

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  4. Doug Lain - Can Human Beings Live Forever? | Legalise Freedom

    Augmented, upgraded, downloaded – for the man machine of the future, death may be but a distant dream. But are we becoming God or merely playing God?

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  5. Phil Escott - Holistic Health and Natural Healing | Legalise Freedom

    Modern medicine is a minefield of conflicting information and advice struggling to meet a constant stream of emerging threats and newly diagnosed conditions.

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  6. Boettke on Austrian Economics | EconTalk


    Pete Boettke, of George Mason University, talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about the origins and tenets of Austrian economics. This is a wonderful introduction to how the so-called Austrian economists look at the world and how they continue to influence economics today.

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