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  1. Daniel Dennett interview

    Daniel Dennett talks to Jim Al-Khalili about the evolution of the human brain.

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  2. Speaking the Anthropocene – Emergence Magazine

    In this interview, writer Robert Macfarlane articulates the consequence and responsibility, as well as the pleasure, of naming the living world.

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  3. Mark Fisher, RWM is MACBA’s radiophonic podcast, 2012

    Mark Fisher is a writer, teacher and theorist living in Suffolk, England. His k-punk blog has been a well respected resource for cultural analysis on the web since its launch in 2003. In 2009, he published his first book, ‘Capitalist Realism’, where he explores the widespread sense that not only is capitalism the only viable political and economic system, but also that it is now impossible even to imagine a coherent alternative to it. In it, Fisher analyses the role of the media, the education system, the link between Neoliberalism and brain chemistry, and what he calls business ontology ‘in a world in which internment camps and franchise coffee bars co-exist.’

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  4. Alice Coltrane: Her Sound and Spirit — The Radio 3 Documentary — Overcast

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  5. Jem Bendell on Deep Adaptation, Climate Change and Societal Collapse // Acceptance and evolution in the face of global meltdown - The Future Is Beautiful

    “Getting busy with action can be a distraction from full acceptance of our predicament, where our predicament is that we don’t know. We don’t know what the best things to do are anymore and we don’t know whether what we do with the best intentions will work.” – Jem Bendell E45 – JEM BENDELL ON DEEP ADAPTATION, CLIMATE CHANGE AND …

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  6. Ezra Klein interview with N.K. Jemisin

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  7. Weird Studies Episode 36: On Hyperstition

    JF and Phil talk hyperstitions, entities born in the realm of fantasy that slowly become denizens of the real.

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  8. Episode #16 Mark O’Connell on Posthumanists and Preppers - Field Day

    Posthumanists and preppers are driven by anxiety about the end - of life, and of civilization. Mark O’Connell connects the dots.

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  9. Chris Stringer and The Human Revolution

    This week Spencer and Razib discuss the Out of Africa theory, Neanderthal admixture, and The Human Revolution with Chris Stringer, Head of Human Origins Research at London’s Natural History Museum.

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  10. #654: Indigenous Futurism & Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace with Jason Edward Lewis | Voices of VR Podcast

    I talk with Jason Edward Lewis about the Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace initiative, as well as the two 2167 Indigenous Storytelling in VR that he helped to produce. How do we reckon the past, present, and the future, and what types of possibilities open up when you start to tell stories from the perspective of seven generations from now, or about 150 years into the future. This conversation took place at the Symposium iX conference at the Society for Arts and Technology in Montreal, Canada.


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