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  1. Help Using Announcements to Move People to Action & Practical Social Media Training For You! | unSeminary

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    Today’s episode is a bit a different than a normal church leader interview … during today’s podcast we give you a sneak peek into two resources we’re launching that have been designed to help you and your church go further, faster.

    Effective Announcements: Leverage 5 Minutes in Every Church Service to Move People to Action

    The “announcement time” during any church service is easily the most under-utilized part of all. It should be looked at as an amazing opportunity to move people into action … to call them out of the stands and on to the field … to engage them in the mission. This 64+ page ebook … over 10,000 words … is all about helping you leverage this time during your service to move people out of the seats and into the action. It’s a FREE resource … pdf, ibook, kindle & audiobook versions available … click here to drop by the site to learn more and download now!

    Social Media Kick Start with Corrin Bauer. (Mars Hill Social Media Guru Extraordinaire!) 

    The episode we give you a sneak peak behind the scenes of this month’s brand new course at unSeminary Premium. Social media is an incredibly powerful and important communications channel for church’s today. Corrin give us her “time tested” insights and wisdom on managing social media for your church. This isn’t theory from a pundit … but practical insights from one of the most influential social media folks in the church today! Her course is packed with great stuff such as …

    6 online lessons with video, audio, and summary notes.

    Q&A call with Corrin to give you direct coaching on your specific questions.

    Content calendar to help you organize your social media posts.

    Practical check lists for “do and don’ts” for your staff, pastors and volunteers.

    This course becomes available on August 1st, 2014. Join today. [Click here to learn more about unSeminary and join us!]

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  2. How to say no to “that” announcement! [webinar] | unSeminary

    Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadPodcast (video): Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe to the unSeminary Podcast: [iTunes] [RSS] [Stitcher] [TuneIn] // [VIDEO iTunes] [VIDEO RSS]Have you ever been cornered on a Sunday by somebody asking you just squeeze this one little thing into the announcements? Did you ever get one of those emails from a team leader asking for stage time … for the 100th time … to promote their upcoming event? How do you say “no” to those sorts of requests? How can you divert these well meaning leaders away from asking for more announcement time for this event or even better … for any other event in the future?Today’s unSeminary podcast is a little different … today we’re taking a break from our normal format to give you some practical advice about how to say no to “that” announcement that keep trying to make it’s way in front of your community. The episode is full of practical insights for church leaders looking to leverage your announcement time for what’s best for you community … and not to make it into rambling list of events happening in the church!Webinar Highlights //01:21 // Ever have that sinking feeling?05:51 // Send early … send often … send from more than one person!07:31 // Cause some chaos!10:36 // Proven strategy for doubling event registrations.12:47 // It’s not junk … it’s not bills … it’s from you!14:51 // The power of the combo …16:03 // Join us next week … a sneak peek into the summer.

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  3. Communications Q&A // Multisite Alignment, Facebook for Churches, Preparing for Growth & Multichannel Communications | unSeminary

    Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadPodcast (video): Play in new window | Download | EmbedSubscribe to the unSeminary Podcast: [iTunes] [RSS] [Stitcher] [TuneIn] // [VIDEO iTunes] [VIDEO RSS]On today’s episode of the unSeminary Podcast we’re taking questions from listeners about Church Communications. We cover a wide variety of topics that I hope will help your ministry. Are you wondering how to keep your growing and complex ministry aligned? Thinking about upping your Facebook game at your church? Want to implement some communications systems to help you grow? Wondering how to communicate with so many different types of people at your church? Today’s episode should have something for every church leader looking to improve their communications internally and externally at their church.Anthony Milas [church website] [twitter] Bobby Williams [church website] [twitter] Carey Nieuwhof [church website] [twitter] G. Laine Robinson [church website] [twitter]Episode Highlights01:01 // Right People, Right Message, Right Time.02:38 // A question about keeping your multisite church aligned.24:21 // Facebook or Frustrating Book?40:23 // Advice on getting ready for growth.49:45 // How to communicate to many different type of people in your church.59:39 // Want to be on the next Q&A episode?

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