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  1. Bio Eats World: The Machine that Made the Vaccine - Andreessen Horowitz

    In this special episode of Bio Eats World, airing just after the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee recommended that the agency authorize the vaccine for emergency use, Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel tells the story of not just the vaccine’s development, but the machine that made the vaccine: the platform, the technology, and the moves behind the vaccine’s development.

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  2. Edward Nevraumont - Programmatic Advertising for Boutique Service Businesses | Ditching Hourly

    Speaker, executive consultant, and author of "Marketing BS" Edward Nevraumont joins me to talk about how programmatic advertising (e.g., Facebook ads) can be used to grow a boutique service business.

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  3. Episode | 110: Andy Mant - The Truth and Science Behind Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    Andy Mant, the CEO and founder of BLUblox, which are blue light blocking glasses that have actually been tested, comes on the show to discuss how different types of light affect your health and the research behind how this is possible. Andy’s shares his extensive knowledge on the topic, what you can do to mitigate unnatural light exposure to improve your health, and how these lights affect your sleep, weight, blood glucose levels and more. Dr. Gustin and Andy also discuss common household items

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