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  1. How to Attract Media Attention Use Publicity to Profit | Real Estate | Blog

    Want your business to be noticed by reporters and generate positive press? Brent Underwood is your man. In this episode, he talks about making a splash through outside-the-box techniques he’s used for musical artists, bestselling authors, and his own projects—including a ghost town he’s turning into a high-end resort.

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  2. HeadGum // Good One: A Podcast About Jokes: Jimmy Fallon’s Do Not Play

    Jimmy Fallon drops by to talk about his bit ‘Do Not Play,’ sharing songs so bad that you just have to listen to them. Fallon discusses finding his calling with the Tonight Show, a variety show and an institution, with the mission of putting a smile on your face before bed. He delves into the value of a silly bit inside of a show like his and reflects on his career, now and for the next twenty years. This episode is brought to you by Spotify!

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