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  1. Christian Sexuality Interview with Francis Chan

    If there is a being up in heaven right now that spoke the world into existence.. If there really is a creator, then why would I value my own opinion so much? When we think about who God is, it puts everything into perspective.

    In an interview with Christian Sexuality, Francis Chan gives his testimony on his upbringing and relationship with God. Francis dives into the authority of God, denying yourself, and obeying Christ even when you don’t want to. What does it look like to share the hard truth in love for someone even when they don’t want to hear it? What is our responsibility as Christians?

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  2. It’s Audio! I talk to Virginia Sole-Smith about weight, kids & pandemic - ParentData

    Listen now (19 min) | I’m really, really excited to try this out with the caveat that I am not, shall we say, a “professional podcaster.” But: I have been dying to get Virginia Sole-Smith to come talk to me about weight, kids, dieting and the pandemic and when she agreed I thought it would be a fun opportunity to try an audio episode. I’ve pulled out a few highlights below in text, but seriously try listening! Virginia is great.

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  3. Edward Nevraumont - Programmatic Advertising for Boutique Service Businesses | Ditching Hourly

    Speaker, executive consultant, and author of "Marketing BS" Edward Nevraumont joins me to talk about how programmatic advertising (e.g., Facebook ads) can be used to grow a boutique service business.

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