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  1. Union Pacific: Long Train Runnin’ | Colossus®

    Today we are breaking down the freight railroad business, Union Pacific. Union Pacific is interesting for a number of reasons. Its first tracks were laid in a time of horsepower, over 150 years ago. It operates a duopoly in the West of the US with Burlington Northern Santa Fe, a rail owned by Berkshire Hathaway. And despite being capital intensive, it earns higher operating margins than Microsoft. But above all, it is a crucial link in the global supply chain, moving much of what the US economy is built on. To break down this $140 billion railroad operator, I’m joined by Matt Reustle, the CEO of Colossus and a former transport analyst. Please enjoy this Business Breakdown of Union Pacific railroad company.

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  2. Edward Nevraumont - Programmatic Advertising for Boutique Service Businesses | Ditching Hourly

    Speaker, executive consultant, and author of "Marketing BS" Edward Nevraumont joins me to talk about how programmatic advertising (e.g., Facebook ads) can be used to grow a boutique service business.

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  3. How to Use Words That Sell With Copywriting Ace Christina Gillick | Blog

    What if we told you that mastering this one skill could allow you to replace your W-2 income, boost sales immediately, AND help launch your own thriving online business? Christina Gillick used copywriting to do all three of those things! She shares her story and guides us through a crash course on persuasive writing.

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  4. Achieving Time Freedom and Franchising a Personal Training Business

    This episode is about standard operating procedures that make life easier. Paige Wilcox of Wilcox Wellness

    Fitness breaks down how she built a personal training business that runs on autopilot, which allowed her to franchise. Learn how she thinks about systems, automated marketing, expanded the business, and more!

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