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  1. Brene Brown: On Gratitude, Vulnerability and Courage - Good Life Project

    This week’s episode is a replay of a powerful conversation I had with famed author and grounded theory researcher Brene Brown. Brene and I met a few years back while speaking at a conference together. We clicked immediately, grabbed lunch and laughed a lot. I asked her to come share a bit of her journey with our community. The conversation …

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  2. Yvette Nicole Brown

    Community fans rejoice! JV Club guest Yvette Nicole Brown rounds out the ladies of the beloved NBC series with a gab about bidding farewell to the snowstorms of Ohio, the undeniable genius of The Golden Girls, and the heart-swelling lyrics of DeBarge.


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  3. #1387 How to run an engaged, organized and useful Facebook community – with Naveen Dittakavi

    This is a different interview than I usually do. Usually I ask my guests about how they built their companies. This one I want to know how I can build mine better. Naveen Dittakavi is the founder of NextVacay, which offers amazing travel deals sent to your inbox. But the real reason that I’ve got him here is that I started a community for Mixergy Premium members and I want to know how I can just keep improving it. A few years ago, I signed up for something called Ramit’s Brain Trust that my friend Ramit Sethi put together. And what captured my attention was the community that went along with it. It was just a lot of interesting engagement, lots of organization, lots of utility and connections being made. And it was just a Facebook community, something I would have blown off. The more I saw it grow, the more I paid attention to the guy who was running it, Naveen. And I started asking him what he learned from running Ramit’s Brain Trust that we should be bringing to Mixergy? That’s the conversation I’m recording today and the reason that I’m going to do this publicly is so that if you have any interest at all in communities, you’ll learn from him about how he’s built up Ramit’s Brain Trust community.

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  4. The Squatchers Lounge Podcast #2 - w/ Justin Smeja & Tammy Murray

    http://theBigfootReport.com (all things Tazer) • The circus has come to town… Justin Smeja and Tammy Murray join Jeffrey Kelley and Kipp Morrill for conversation about recent accusations made by David Paulies. See references below: (Sassy Glass) Tammy’s article: Bart Cutino’s challenge:

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  5. ART COMMUNITY SUCKS! (RE: DONE WITH THIS) The Holly Brown drama

    Okay guys, this is another bitter topic, but at least there’s some footage, this time. It’s me doing some sketches on my books. They’re pretty quick and real time, thought you could enjoy seeing my real time process. Anyway today I want to talk about the recent events "in the art community", regarding especially Youtuber Artist Holly Brown and her lack of any social filter. I am so sick of people whiteknighting bad behaviors, and sick of who thinks you need to be a total douche to voice your opinion and be blunt/honest. She recently got over the top, she unlisted most of her videos and has thrown a temper tantrum over the honest, blunt responses she received on her "free talk" videos. I don’t have videos right now to back up what I’m saying, so you’ll have to take my word on that. I have screenshots but I don’t know how much could help without a context. If you have any videos saved/mirrored, please feel free to link it down below and I will add it to the description. It’s way too easy get rid of tricky content and hiding the head under the sand, not taking responsibility for anything. I don’t care about crazy fans anymore, I just think some things must be said and since she’s silencing everybody on her videos deleting comments or the source of the issue altogether, I thought my best shot was fi…

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  6. Losing the local - Saturday Extra - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Since 2008 British Pubs have been closing at a rate of three per day.

    The decline has been attributed to shifts in local economies, as pubs struggle to compete with large department stores selling liquor at vastly reduced prices.

    But there could also be a cultural factor at play, with British people drinking 23 per cent less beer than they did a decade ago.

    The prospect of facing life without a ‘local’ has gotten so dire that a government task force has been established, with the recent appointment of a Minister for Community Pubs.

    Tom Stainer, Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), a not-for-profit consumer rights organisation campaigning for real ale and community pubs

    Further Information:
    Campaign for Real Ale (
    Pub is the Hub (

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  7. Real Future: Tulpas, the Internet’s Imaginary Friends (Episode 15)

    A few years ago, people on Reddit, 4chan and other online forums started talking about something called "tulpas." A tulpa is an ancient Buddhist concept that means, basically, an imaginary friend. These people weren’t Buddhists, but they liked the idea of tulpas, so they started conjuring their own imaginary friends and interacting with them. They called themselves "tulpamancers," and they formed a robust online community that now includes thousands of people (and thousands of tulpas).

    In this episode of REAL FUTURE, Kevin Roose goes to meet Sam, a computer programmer, and "KT," her tulpa, to explore the tulpa subculture and learn more about this unusual internet community that is raising eyebrows, but also seems to be doing some good.

    Watch REAL FUTURE on Fusion (Mondays at 10 p.m. Eastern), or on Apple TV or Roku.

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  8. Tammy Strobel on Grief, Gratitude, Good Health, and Living in a Tiny House • Nicole Antoinette

    Tammy Strobel is a writer, photographer, and teacher. She created her blog,, in late 2007 to improve her writing, share her story, and help people go small, think big, and be happy.

    Tammy is the creator of A Simple Year, a 12-month course to help you make space for what matters to you.

    In 2011, she and her husband, Logan, moved into a tiny house on wheels, where they lived full-time for four years.

    In this episode, which I just absolutely loved recording, Tammy and I talk about the decade we’ve both spent sharing our lives online. We discuss online business, setting boundaries, and the damaging myth that everyone working on the internet is making tons of money.

    She shares stories from the four years that her and her husband lived in a tiny house, and I get a hilarious crash course in how to use a compost toilet.

    But we also talk about deeply personal things - such as body image, alcohol abuse, death, loss, grief, and more. Tammy shares about her dad’s illness and death in 2012, and about the photography project that helped her to move through her grief.

    Every moment of this conversation felt moving and real to me, and I’m so delighted to share it with you.

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    Selected Links From This Episode

    Books, Resources & People Mentioned

    Tammy’s bookshelf

    Swimming To Antarctica, by Lynne Cox

    Find a Way, by Diana Nyad

    My Fight / Your Fight, by Ronda Rousey

    Portland Alternative Dwellings

    The Humanure Handbook, by Joseph C. Jenkins

    Drink, by Ann Dowsett Johnston

    Holly Whitaker (season 6 guest)

    This I Know, by Susannah Conway

    Love Warrior, by Glennon Doyle Melton

    Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert

    Start and End Happy: TED Talk

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