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  1. The Music Keepers: Traditional Irish Music in North America - Brendan Tonra

    Interview with composer and musician Brendan Tonra at his home in Boston, Feb 2009.

    Part of a 12 part series on traditional Irish musicians in North America. Funded by the Sound and Vision Scheme - Broadcasting Commission of Ireland - Connemara Community Radio

    Sound by Grainne O’Malley Research - Patrick Ourceau Produced by Ita Kane-Wilson

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  2. I Encountered a Whole Group of Sasquatch! (Bigfoot Eyewitness Episode 107)

    Imagine what it would be like to suddenly find yourself in the presence of 20 Sasquatch, with a 10 footer standing just feet away from you. Well, tonight’s guest, Brendan, doesn’t have to guess what that would be like because that happened to him. As if that wouldn’t be bad enough, when Brendan turned to leave, he felt a huge hand on his back.

    We hope you tune in to hear Brendan talk about that experience and several more he’s had with Sasquatch.

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  3. Citizen Kane

    On episode one of Unspooled, Paul and Amy jump straight into the AFI’s number one film of all time, Citizen Kane. They explain why it was almost never released, take a closer listen to Orson Welles’ innovative use of sound, and try to answer the big question: is this really the best movie ever? Plus: an interview with a guest expert, cinematographer Steve Gainer, on why Citizen Kane looks so incredible.

    Want to tell us your best guess as to what Ben Hur is all about? Call the Unspooled voicemail line at 747-666-5824! Don’t forget to subscribe to us on your podcast app, and follow us on Twitter @Unspooled.

    This episode is brought to you by Sorry To Bother You in theaters this July.

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  4. TWiML Talk #12 - Brendan Frey - Reprogramming the Human Genome with AI

    My guest this week is Brendan Frey, Professor of Engineering and Medicine at the University of Toronto and Co-Founder and CEO of the startup Deep Genomics. Brendan and I met at the Re-Work Deep Learning Summit in San Francisco last month, where he delivered a great presentation called “Reprogramming the Human Genome: Why AI is Needed.” In this podcast we discuss the application of AI to healthcare. In particular, we dig into how Brendan’s research lab and company are applying machine learning and deep learning to treating and preventing human genetic disorders.

    The show notes can be found at

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