Go Public: 005 The Anatomy of a GovTech Pitch

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  1. Securing a Deal - Cyber Security Venture Capitalists on what they look for. A CyberWire Special Edition.

    There’s no question that cyber security remains a hot industry, and that attracts investment. What are venture capitalists looking for, and how do they decide which deals to make? How did we get here, and what’s the outlook for the future?

    We round up some experts, as well as some of the top cyber security venture capitalists in the industry to find out how they choose, and what they expect once the deal’s been made.


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  2. DealBook Conference 2015 - Venture Capital And Where It’s Going

    Competition for fabled “unicorns” has become the obsession among most venture capitalists. But does chasing one-in-a-million bets make sense? Or does it distort the incentives for entrepreneurs and funders?

    A conversation about what makes for sustainable funding, and the risks and rewards of chasing the big prize.

    Chris Sacca, founder and chairman, Lowercase Capital

    Peter Thiel, partner, Founders Fund

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  3. REWORK: Venture Capital and Control with Dave Teare

    Dave Teare is the co-founder and official “heart and soul” of 1Password, which recently raised $200 million in its first round of venture capital. Basecamp is a longtime happy customer of 1Password and also a longtime critic of venture capital, so the funding announcement led to some back-and-forth on Twitter between Basecamp co-founder David Heinemeier Hansson and Dave Teare. In this episode, DHH and Dave get on the phone to hash out their feelings about venture capital and what this funding round means for 1Password’s future.


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  4. Rob Walling on ProductPeople.tv

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    Rob Walling is the man behind products like HitTail, DotNetInvoice, and Drip. But he also helped start a movement of micropreneurs: solo-founders, who launch their own products. These small startups don’t take venture funding and don’t hire employees. In this part 1 of our interview you’ll hear how he went from consulting, to building products full-time. Learn how you can acquire a product (instead of building it yourself) and why the code is less valuable than the product marketing.

    “Building something people want is not enough”, says Rob “you have to be able to market it at a cost less than what the customer will pay you back over time.”

    He also talks about how to launch products if you’ve already started a family (wife, kids, and a mortgage).

    Rob and Mike Taber host podcast that you’ll want to check out: Startups For the Rest of Us.

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