Idea to Production with Studio Neat - Tom Gerhardt + Dan Provost at ConvertKit Craft + Commerce 2018

This is Tom Gerhardt and Dan Provost’s main stage talk from Craft + Commerce 2018. If you like what you see, learn more and grab tickets to the next Craft + Commerce right here — use promo code YOUTUBE at checkout for $100 off.

In 2010, Tom and Dan founded Studio Neat, a company that makes simple products across a variety of categories. They remain the only two employees and have intentionally remained small, in the pursuit of autonomy and staying true to their design values. In this mainstage talk, they walk through their entire physical product creation process they’ve learned from creating their own products from idea and validation to prototyping and final production.



Craft + Commerce is the annual conference dedicated to helping creators earn a living online, and is hosted by ConvertKit in Boise, ID. Craft + Commerce is the combination of:

  • Inspiring (and educational) main stage talks from full-time online business owners.

  • Nitty-gritty workshops teaching in-the-weeds levels of detail on how to build a business around your blog, podcast, or YouTube channel.

  • Parties, meetups, and sma…

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