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  1. FBI Veteran Outlines How Agency Approaches Terrorism Warning Signs : NPR

    How does the FBI handle warning signs like those that were reportedly exhibited by Ahmad Rahami? NPR’s Robert Siegel talks with FBI veteran Jeff Ringel, who currently works with The Soufan Group in New York City.

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  2. When to Walk Away From a Girl (She’s NOT Worth it IF She…)

    These signs she’s not worth it warn you when to walk away from a girl. She’s not worth it if she has 5 or more of these relationship red flags and warning signs she’s emotionally damaged or simply just not right for YOU.

    It can be tough to know if she’s worth it when she has some good qualities, but even having some great traits doesn’t balance out for too many negative ones.

    This video will help you figure out when to walk away and when to stick it out.

    Be sure to watch my video on signs she’s a good women, good for you and maybe even the one:

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    Reasons She Tests You | Types of Tests She Uses on You (How to Test Her):…

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  3. Drum Circle Jerk: 54 - Mommy’s Milkies feat. Sophie

    We welcome Sophie (@bingodaddyy) to the jerk, aka cyber bully. She is a comedian from Ottawa who is 1/2 of Dumb Bitch Media (@dumbbitchmedia). We talk some Ottawa, Erin O’toole, the RNC, and the top 7 warning signs in a mans bookshelf. The main event is a breakdown of an episode of the Netflix show, “Unwell”. The episode is about adults who drink breast milk and the women who provide them with it. Get ready for lots of milk slang. You can find Sophie on twitter and you can find her comedy on her patreon:

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  4. Office Signs

    I used to pick on coworkers with songs.

    This one is about a sales manager who posted signs everywhere for her team. I’d say there were 20 signs around their cubes, allegedly.


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  5. Episode 8: A Nice Serene Quiet Environment

    John has worked at a lot of places where there are big signs warning of the need for hearing protection. You don’t see those signs much in an office environment, but maybe they should be everywhere.

    In this episode John and Ben talk about noise. Noise is a big problem. A lot of people tend to overlook it. A lot of people tend to shrug it off like its no big deal. But you only get one set of ears, and once they’re wrecked you’re out of luck.

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