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Watch out for our next episode featuring Ben Dubow, an openly gay man who had previously attended Next Level Church and has since then gone on to be a pastor and a church planter. You can expect this episode to be extremely eye opening as Ben shares his story, as well as how he has seen the church deal with the issue of homosexuality and where he thinks the church is missing the point.

This episode is a continuation of an interview Pastor Josh had with Gordon MacDonald. If you have not listened to part 1, please do so before continuing this episode!

Here are some of highlights from this episode:

Some of the disciplines Pastor Gordon has developed over the years that bring depth to his life both personally and as a Christian leader:

Being a man of the Word. We must be committed to God’s Word by absorbing and memorizing it.

Reading biographies of past Christian leaders


Accountability to a mentor and close friends

Asking questions. Few people know how to ask questions.

As leaders, we must pry into people to help them grow spiritually.

“Your peers help you to create, but your mentors help you to go deep.” – Gordon MacDonald

“Asking questions is a powerful key to spiritual development and growth.” – Gordon MacDonald

Every person has a story. Asking questions engages people to truly think about their honest answers. Hard questions force you to account for the depth of your life. Be the leader who doesn’t just ask surface level questions, but who reveals their motives by the first question they ask.

“The questions you ask will reveal the motives of your heart.” – Josh Gagnon

The best piece of advice Gordon ever received for his marriage was, “God means to say many things to you through [your wife]; listen to her.” For any men in ministry, it is important to remember that your wife will have many things to say to you that you need to hear. Treat your wife with dignity and respect and help her recognize her spiritual gifts, then draw upon them.

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