Technical Difficulties - 070 - Using Slack

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  1. Office Hack #1 - Slack’s Rolling Rooms

    Welcome to the brand new Envoy Office Hacks podcast! For our first Office Hack, we’re featuring Slack, a white-hot software company that’s reinventing the way teams communicate and work together. Naturally, they decided to take the same philosophy when building their offices. The result? They’ve hacked the traditional meeting room and created a brand new type of physical space, designed specifically to improve the ways teams work. If you like this episode, please subscribe - you might just become the ace of your workplace.

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  2. Slack + Salesforce Emergency Pod with Packy McCormick of Not Boring

    Acquired is live on the scene covering Salesforce’s blockbuster $27.7B acquisition of Slack, with the help of the internet’s #1 Slack bull (and top internet analyst in his own right), Packy McCormick of Not Boring. We dissect the deal itself, Slack’s relatively short life as a public company, the impact of Microsoft and Teams, and most importantly what this means for enterprise SaaS startups broadly. And oh yeah — we have a ton of fun too. :)

    Note: you can find our full June 2019 episode on Slack’s history and their DPO here:

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    1. Distribution is still key when it comes to selling enterprise products at the highest levels.
      • SaaS startups can (and do!) land deals with big companies all the time now through the bottoms-up motion of individual teams adopting the product and paying by credit card. And…

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  3. instantwatcher podcasts - Slack Bots with Amir Shevat - Software Engineering Daily -

    Slack Bots with Amir ShevatSlack is a chat client that has reached wide adoption. The rise of Slack has coincided with the rise of chatbots. A chatbot is a simple, conversational interface into a computer program that may have simple functionality, like telling you some simple statistics, or more complex functionality, like helping you manage your continuous integration pipeline. Bot design and engineering is a new field, and a vast array of resources andContinue reading…Download audio (audio/mpeg)WebpageCleanDuration: 58 minutesPublished: Wed 16 Nov 2016

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  4. The Changelog #295: Scaling all the things at Slack with Julia Grace | News and podcasts for developers | Changelog

    Julia Grace joined the show to talk bout about scaling all the things at Slack. Julia is currently the Senior Director of Infrastructure Engineering at Slack, and has been their since 2015 — so she’s seen Slack during its hyper-growth. We talked about Slack’s growth and scale challenges, scaling engineering teams, the …

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  5. Buddycast – Buddy Cast

    …there was a love for technology and gadgets. There was also a love for podcasts. For several years a group of strangers whose paths crossed through through these things became friends and chatted on Twitter, App.Net, Forums, Slack chat rooms. Now we’re graduating to a podcast. We have all podcasted before, but never all in the same place, at the same time.

    These are the conversations around the virtual water-cooler that is the internet. We’re in it have a good…more…

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