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  1. Expectations vs Agreements

    Steve Chandler ‘s take on how we invite disappointment into our lives by creating uncommunicated expectations on others.

    Hi, my name is Andrew Miller from Business Enjoyment

    I am building a community of people who believe that the measure of success in business is about much more than just sales and profits. Money is important, but merely a step along the path, rather than the end in itself.

    In fact, I want you to enjoy your business so much it makes your bits tingle.

    I run a number of discussion groups built around the Business Enjoyment Model where we explore the things that really make a difference in business.

    There are events at different times all over Yorkshire plus a completely FREE version online.

    Go to

    to find the best one for you.

    For other information on what I’m up to, choose one of the following links to follow

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  2. Hardcore History 60 The Celtic Holocaust

    Posidonius –  Acclaimed as the greatest polymath of his age.

    Chiomara – A Galatian noble woman and the wife of Orgiagon.

    Battle of the Allia – Fought between the Senones and the Romans in 390 BCE.

    Diviciacus – Druid from antiquity.

    Aedui –  Gallic people and Tribe of Diviciacus.

    Diodorus Siculus – Greek historian.

    Helvetii – A Gallic tribal confederation.

    Orgetorix – Aristocrat among the Helvetii.

    Battle of Magetobriga – Fought in 63 BC between rival tribes in Gaul.

    Ariovistus –  Leader of the Suebi.

    Suebi – A large group of related Germanic peoples.

    Suetonius – Roman historian.

    Cassius Dio –  Roman statesman, Greek origin.

    Belgae – Large confederation of tribes living in northern Gaul.

    Nervii – One of the most powerful Belgic tribes.

    Ambiorix –  Leader of a Belgic tribe of north-eastern Gaul.

    Veneti – A seafaring Celtic people.

    Dumnorix – A chieftain of the Aedui and brother to Diviciacus.

    Arverni – A Celtic tribe.

    Vercingetorix – A king and chieftain of the Arverni tribe.

    Siege of Avaricum – Avaricum in the winter of 52 BC.

    The Battle of Gergovia –  The chief fortified town of the Arverni.

    Noviodunum – Meaning “new fort”.

    Oppidum – Large fortified Iron Age settlement.

    Battle of Alesia – Military engagement in the Gallic Wars that took place in 52 BCE.

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