The Pandemic May Just Be Beginning: Year-End #COVID/#Omicron/#LongCOVID Wrap-Up & Happy New Year!

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Long COVID study:

Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 5:04 N95/KN95 Masks: Where to Find 6:44 Joe Biden/White House: "No Federal Solution" 20:00 Leaving It up to the States: Test Positivity & "Natural Immunity" 25:12 Biden: "I'll shut down the virus, not the country" 27:01 CDC Cutting Quarantine & Isolation Times in Half 32:00 Fauci: "Get people back into the jobs" 37:45 Wallensky: "Science, Science, Science" 50:42 CDC's Case Counting Details 1:03:30 Real-World Systems Impacted by Mass Illness (Schools, Transit, etc.) 1:09:50 The Human Toll: Children & Babies 1:19:57 Fighting for a Pro-Worker COVID Agenda: Socialism v Fascism 1:32:07 Health Effects of COVID: Cognitive Impairment 1:35:57 Long COVID: An Overview 2:13:13 Closing Thoughts & Credits 2:17:17 CDC/Omicron Musical Twitter Montage

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