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  1. How to Discover & Unlock Your Fullest Potential with Psychologist Scott Barry Kaufman

    Do you ever wake up asking yourself that question? Maybe your life isn’t bad — you have a job, a steady relationship, and you’re paying the bills on the time, but each day seems to fade into the next. You don’t feel challenged, motivated to try new things, or interested in growing your relationships. You’ve […]

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  2. Latham Thomas: Self-Care Is a Radical Act - Sounds True

    Latham Thomas is a lifestyle maven who founded Mama Glow and was named one of Oprah Winfrey’s SuperSoul 100. She is the author of Mama Glow and Own Your Glow. With Sounds True, she has created the audio program Beditations: Guided Meditations and Rituals for Rest and Renewal. In this episode of Insights at the […]

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  3. Austin L. Church: Choose a Struggle You Love - Gina Horkey

    Subscribe with your favourite podcast app APPLE YOUTUBE SPOTIFY STITCHER GOOGLE Notes:Today we’ll be chatting with a very successful writer, brand consultant and online entrepreneur, Austin L. Church.After finishing his M.A. in Literature in 2008 and getting laid off from a marketing agency in 2009, Austin started freelancing. He…

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  4. How to Become a Mindful Millionaire – In Just 7 Minutes with Leisa Peterson | Marketing The Invisible Podcast

     Discover where your current money habits come from and why you feel the way you do about money and success Find out how to get out of the scarcity mindset and how to stop financial self-sabotage and procrastination What true financial independence looks like and how to discover the millionaire within Resources/Links: Check out […]

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  5. UI Breakfast Podcast. Episode 205: Building Your Platform with Corbett Barr | UI Breakfast

    Not having an online platform these days is tantamount to being invisible. But how do you build and leverage it wisely? Today’s guest is Corbett Barr, founder and CEO of Fizzle. You’ll hear his take on social media, privacy, digital selves, platforms vs protocols, email lists, lead magnets, trends, and much more. Download the MP3 audio file: right-click here and choose Save As. Podcast feed: subscribe to in your favorite podcast app, and follow us on iTunes, Stitcher, or Google Podcasts. Show Notes Fizzle — Corbett’s company Email, RSS, podcasting — open protocols (you own the connection to your […]

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