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  1. Austin Walker: “Failure as an Engine for Meaning Making”

    Join The Humanities Studio in welcoming Austin Walker, Editor-in-Chief at Waypoint, VICE magazine’s channel for gaming culture and writer on the intersection of games, culture, labor, and community, as part of the 2018-2019 Studio Speakers Series.

    “You pull back your bow string and let loose the arrow. It sails through the air, until it shatters, useless against the scaled sheen of the dragon’s hide. What do you do?” In our daily lives, scenarios like these are empty fantasy, but for those familiar with Dungeons and Dragons and other role-playing games, a sequence like this is not only normal, but potent. With every new bit of narration and each roll of the dice, players weave together heroic stories of success and failure—and it is the latter, not the former, that provides a catalyst for future action, necessary context for characterization, and a clear marker of plot stakes.

    Yet only in the last decade have the creators of these games begun to actively leverage the power of failure as a storytelling device, moving away from competitive models of play and towards exercises in collaborative fiction. Unsurprisingly, this shift comes alongside a broadening of “the role-playing game” as a category, as independent, alternative, and small-press games have emerged to challenge the hegemonic vision of play presented by Dungeons and Dragons. Now, queer creators, designers of color, and other marginalized game makers are creating their own fantasy sandboxes, and they’re contesting the boundaries of “failure” along the way.

    Drawing on the work contemporary game designers like Avery Alder and Brendan Conway, along with the critical work of Judith Halberstam and Walter Benjamin, Walker will explore the function of failure in storytelling—whether those stories are about slaying dragons, developing one’s own identity, or building a sustainable community in a hostile world.

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  2. How Does the Head Designer for Magic: The Gathering Do His Job?

    This week, we go back to Wizards of the Coast to talk to Mark Rosewater, the head designer for Magic: The Gathering.

    Last week, Alison Luhrs told Jordan all about creating the stories behind Magic cards. And it’s the job of Mark and his team to come up with the mechanics of those cards. Mark explains how, once he and his team come up with the creative concept for a particular Magic set, there are lots of other things to think about. They have to figure out not only how that deck works on its own, but also how it fits into a game that has tens of thousands of cards already out there—not to mention all the various ways the massive fan base can play with those cards. The calculations are so complex that they even have a full-time economist on staff.

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  3. Bonus Episode 1: Let Me Tell You About Detective Pikachu — Audio Entropy

    Luke and Ashley both watched the movie Detective Pikachu and felt the need

    to talk about it somewhere, and well, they do have an anime podcast. We

    talk for a too long time about Pokemon Jobs, PokeFan Bill Nighy, Justice

    Smith Holding The Movie Together and Mr. Mime.

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  4. #042 - Mark Rosewater

    “Magic is a game about change…we’ve been spending the last twenty-five years figuring out how to make it even better.”

    The legendary Mark Rosewater, Head Designer for Magic: The Gathering, joins “Humans of Magic” to discuss the finer nuances of designing for the best game on the planet. Hear Mark talk about why building a Magic set is like building a house, how his process has evolved, and why you should be excited about Magic’s future.


    2:55 Introductions 6:00 Mark’s family and Rosewater gaming night 10:16 Playing games with Richard Garfield 12:00 Mark’s role at Wizards—the “building a house” metaphor 14:26 What feeds exploratory and vision design? 17:58 What skillsets do Magic designers need, at each stage of the process? 22:42 The evolution of the design process—then vs. now 27:55 Designing the house for different player demographics 30:32 Compartmentalized design teams—what are the tradeoffs? 34:21 “Game design is about iteration” 40:58 Inspiring everyone working at Wizards to live the core values 44:12 Transparency, open communication, and cross-team collaboration 47:17 What does Magic need to do to stay relevant? 49:04 Thoughts on the state of Organized Play? 49:57 What advice would Mark give to a younger version of himself? 52:01 What advice would Mark give to a firs…

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  5. Bonus Episode 7 - Batman Ninja — Audio Entropy

    Buckle up, folks ‘cause this one gets BONKERS. Joined by Legends of the Watchtower team member, and friend of the show, Emily, Graham, Zack and Cameron are here to walk you through the most insane, visually stunning and just plain fun movie they’ve watched for the show.

    Produced by an all-star all-Japanese creative team, Batman Ninja throws Batman and pals into feudal Japan, along with Gorilla Grodd, Joker, Harley Quinn and a bunch of other villains and that’s the most coherent way Zack could think of to describe this 90 minute fever dream of a movie.

    Amidst the chaos, the crew manages to talk about their Bat-Family preferences, the best possible Justice League anime and discovers everyone’s new friend: Monkichi!

    As always, feel free to shoot us an email at or on Twitter at @watchtowerdcau.

    Komic Korner music, "Paris Ballad", provided by Dana Boulé via the Creative Commons License. Check out her work here.

    Our gorgeous album art was graciously made by Gustav Carlson, check out Gus’ fantastic webcomic Tourist Unknown at

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  6. 5 - Pokemon The First Movie

    Harry and Rory are joined by cartoon and comic maker (plus fellow brother!) Hamish Steele, as the podcast takes its first steps into the mega franchise that is Pokémon with the big-screen debut of Ash, Pikachu, and co: The First Movie aka Mewtwo Strikes Back. They tackle all the film’s big topics - cloning, slavery, eugenics, the meaning of life - but there’s also plenty of time to appreciate Team Rocket’s puns, marvel at Mewtwo’s eye for architecture, and tear up when Pikachu cries at the end. Plus, they discuss bonus films Pikachu’s Summer Vacation and Origin of Mewtwo. Is this film the very best, like no film ever was?

    This podcast contains SPOILERS for Pokémon: The First Movie (1998).

    Follow us on Twitter: Like us on Facebook:

    Music by David Lightfoot

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  7. Fireside Friends 7 - Nemo’s Okay — Abnormal Mapping

    Jackson Tyler joins us to talk about sports anime, using games as

    relaxation devices, audience interpretations of political messages in

    movies, and more before discussing Attack the Block for our Shared


    Discussion of Attack the Block begins at 38:11.

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  8. Talk Write: Anna Tatelman


    Anna and I take some laugh diversions, touch on autism, family, and the difficulty of communicating with loved ones, and I definitely ask about her new play, Life on the Moon. Good stuff.

    Follow us on Twitter @TalkWritePod and thank you for listening!

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  9. Radio Free Skaro #624 – Scholarly Scribblings

    As the Con Crud, post-Gally blues and general middle-aged malaise hit the RFS crew, they nevertheless soldier on with news of new Doctor Who logos, Lost Dimensions, new Target novelizations and more, before two sets of interviews from Gallifrey One, the first with Titan Comics brand manager Chris Thompson and the second with scholarly Whovians Joy Piedmont, who ran the academic symposium at last week’s Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles, and Derek Kompare, a media professor who participated in said high-brained shenanigans! Listen and learn!

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  10. Doctor Who: The Coal Hill A/V Club - Ep 95 - Gallifrey One Recap - The Horns Of Ribos

    Our Gallifrey One 29 recap, recorded live in Stephen’s hotel room at the LAX Marriott, and in and around Gally. Featuring special guest appearances by Mark Ayres, Alyssa Franke (@whovianfeminism), Emma Caywood, and an air conditioner that seemed to burst to life every darn time we started talking about something important. (I apologize for the sound quality - I attempted to do a "noise filter thing" and all it did was make everything worse, so I made the command decision to let the stupid air conditioner be part of the show. I’m sure its parents are very proud.)


    Here’s the link to the thing in the promo at the top of the show. Please contribute.

    Twitter: @coalhillcon


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