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  1. Episode 53 – Cartography of Fictional Worlds » Genesis of Legend Publishing

    Cartography of Fictional WorldsRPG Design Panelcast sml

    Recorded at Metatopia 2014

    Presented by Kenneth Hite, Hal Mangold & Mark Richardson

    Learn from a panel of veteran cartographers and game designers the techniques they use to make maps of fictional worlds.

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  2. Episode 37 – Roleplaying Scenario Design » Genesis of Legend Publishing

    Currently Available!



    -Spark Roleplaying Game

    -Carriers, a zombie cyberpunk setting for Spark

    Current Project:

    -French translation of the Spark RPG

    -Sig: the City Between - Multiplanar Fantasy Setting for Spark

    -The Enlightened Man: Renaissance Superhero Setting for Spark

    Next Projects in Development:

    -What Came Before - D&D Characters telling campfire stories

    -Faded Ages - Powerful forces struggling to change the coming age.

    -Fate of the Galaxy - A game in development in conjunction with Mark Richardson of Green Hat Designs.

    More information on Google+

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