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  1. Plot Points: Why Is Pelgrane Press So Good? Ep. 149

    Pelgrane Press is a phenomenal company devoted solely to the production of role-playing games. The company's products are universally stunning, from 13th Age to The Dracula Dossier. How does Pelgrane manage to put out such consistently amazing material with only one full-time employee? An interview with co-owner Cat Tobin plumbs the depths of the Pelgrane paradox.  Ben’s book on RPG theory is finally available for purchase! Encounter Theory lays out Ben’s theory of adventure design. It also has 14 playplans to help you design better adventures, and an entire 5E adventure applying his ideas, along with commentary about why he wrote adventure the way he did. Check it out here!  Like Plot Points? Support it on Patreon at the $2 level, and you’ll get a sneak peek into Ben’s book about the sale of TSR to Wizards of the Coast! This chapter concerns TSR West, an effort by TSR to open an LA office devoted to producing comic books, an effort that failed rather impressively. It is the product of a dozen interviews with professionals from comics, gaming, and Hollywood, and as far as I can reckon, it is a tale entirely untold until now.   Buy Ill Met in Lankhmar for Kindle here! To let us know what you think about this episode, email us at! Find us on Twitter @PlotPointsPod! Give us a review on iTunes to help the show grow! Audio courtesy of 50 Breaks! Image courtesy Pelgrane Press.

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