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  1. Unspeakable! Episode 9 — Robin Laws, Kenneth Hite, and Trail of Cthulhu | The Unspeakable Oath

    At GenCon 2013, Scott Glancy, Shane Ivey, and Ross Payton of the Unspeakable! podcast sat down with Robin Laws and Kenneth Hite of Trail of Cthulhu. We had snacks, beer, and a fun talk about all the things we’re doing in Call of Cthulhu, Trail of Cthulhu, and beyond.

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    0:00:00 INTRODUCTIONS.

    0:00:25 THE UNSPEAKABLE OATH 23. Our record-breaking 2013 production rate. Scott’s nuclear adventure.

    0:02:20 THE SENSE OF THE SLEIGHT-OF-HAND MAN. Dennis Detwiller’s Dreamlands campaign.

    0:03:30 A WORLD WAR I SCENARIO COLLECTION. Pagan Publishing’s HUGE next Kickstarter.

    0:06:10 DREAMHOUNDS OF PARIS. Another take on the Dreamlands. Play icons of the Paris surrealist movement in Trail of Cthulhu.

    0:16:30 A SPURIOUS LIE. Listen as we claim this episode will drop a week or two after GenCon 2013.

    0:17:00 LETTERS FROM LOVECRAFT. Upcoming fiction from Stoneskin Press: short stories that respond to points in Lovecraft’s “Supernatural Horror in Literature.”

    0:22:00 MORE ABOUT DREAMHOUNDS. Political occultism.

    0:26:00 MYTHOS EXPEDITIONS. A scenario anthology in the works for Trail of Cthulhu.

    0:28:30 DEATHLESS CHINA. Another Trail project. (Eventually.)

    0:29:20 THE NAZI OCCULT. Ken’s ENTIRELY FACTUAL historical study for Osprey.

    0:32:50 ESOTERRORISTS SECOND EDITION. The original Gumshoe game gets an expansion and update.

    0:36:00 TRAIL OF CTHULHU. Comparing the experience of play in Trail of Cthulhu and Call of Cthulhu. Different approaches to scenario design. The power of character Drives in motivating players. Writing scenarios the way gamers run them. Rolling dice vs. spending points.

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