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  1. CLONECAST - The Official Orphan Black Podcast: 6 - Dylan Bruce & Geoff Scott! (“Certain Agony of the Battlefield”)

    Spoiler alert! Rob and Mackenzie are joined by actor Dylan Bruce and visual effects supervisor Geoff Scott to say goodbye to Paul and discuss the explosive sixth episode of this season of Orphan Black! Find out what request Dylan made to the creators for his character’s farewell, what subtle VFX were used in the now-infamous twerking scene, and more as they discuss your questions, theories, and fan art! ART:Shattered mirror portrait - Jasric sketch - @KikwiSHH (including Helena/Tony) - sketch - @Le_Chalicorne supporting cats Pop Vinyls - Shella Théroux cross stitch - Rebecca Brown (requires Facebook login) Paul’s Goodbye comic - @lcmorgan43

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