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  1. One Shot- Trail of Cthulhu: The Dance in the Blood (Pt 1 of 2) | Free Podcasts | PodOmatic”

    In this Purist One Shot of Trail of Cthulhu (based on Call of Cthulhu and adapted from Robin Law's Gumshoe Game System by Kenneth Hite), our players find themselves in the English country town of Keswick. While they all have their reasons for being here, they aren't quite sure why this town and this place feels so familiar to them (having never been here before in their recollection). On the wall in The Blackstone Hotel, they discover a photograph from the early 1900's, which features children that look oddly like the investigators…

    Keeper: Kristy Cutsforth


    Dr. Michael Laws (Doctor) played by Gary Lange

    Rosa Parker (Antiquarian) played by Ryan Gerts

    Jonesy (Hobo) played by Kerry Cutsforth

    Countess Hilary Exeter (Dilettante) played by Kimela Walker

    "Dark Hallway (distressed)" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


    Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/perilouspretenders

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/perilouspretenders/

    Twitter: perilouspretend

    Tumblr: perilouspretenders.tumblr.com


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  2. Episode 53 – Cartography of Fictional Worlds » Genesis of Legend Publishing

    Cartography of Fictional WorldsRPG Design Panelcast sml

    Recorded at Metatopia 2014

    Presented by Kenneth Hite, Hal Mangold & Mark Richardson

    Learn from a panel of veteran cartographers and game designers the techniques they use to make maps of fictional worlds.

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  3. Episode 199: Michael Stonebraker on Current Developments in Databases : Software Engineering Radio

    Episode 199: Michael Stonebraker on Current Developments in Databases

    Filed in Episodes

    by SE-Radio

    on December 5, 2013


    Recording Venue: Skype

    Guest: Michael Stonebraker

    Dr. Michael Stonebraker, one of the leading researchers and technology entrepreneurs in the database space, joins Robert for a discussion of database architecture and the emerging NewSQL family of databases. Dr. Stonebraker opens with his take on how the database market is segmented around a small number of use cases: OLTP, data warehouses, and event stream processing. He discusses the origins of the standard architecture for OLTP, which is row-based, and says it’s no longer optimal for any of the use cases that it is applied to. He proceeds to describe some research he has done, showing that row-based databases spend about 90 percent of their time acquiring and releasing locks, buffer management, and other activities that could be characterized as overhead in comparison to main task of reading and writing data. These results, which in Stonebraker’s view are intrinsic to the row-based architecture, require a new architecture to overcome. The discussion proceeds to a new database architecture, known as “NewSQL” or “NewOLTP,” which is single-threaded, lock-free, doesn’t require disk I/O in the critical path, and can scale out to a large multiple node cluster. Stonebraker criticizes the eventual consistency model that some NoSQL distributed systems employ and he defends the ACID guarantees as a superior model. The interview closes with a discussion about database education in university curricula and Stonebraker’s thoughts on the place of Hadoop in the data storage space.

    Michael Stonebraker page at MIT

    VoltDB site

    VoltDB on Meetup

    NewSQL topic page on Wikipedia

    Other NewSQL projects: NuoDB

    SE-Radio #165 on NoSQL


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  4. Episode 37 – Roleplaying Scenario Design » Genesis of Legend Publishing

    Currently Available!



    -Spark Roleplaying Game

    -Carriers, a zombie cyberpunk setting for Spark

    Current Project:

    -French translation of the Spark RPG

    -Sig: the City Between - Multiplanar Fantasy Setting for Spark

    -The Enlightened Man: Renaissance Superhero Setting for Spark

    Next Projects in Development:

    -What Came Before - D&D Characters telling campfire stories

    -Faded Ages - Powerful forces struggling to change the coming age.

    -Fate of the Galaxy - A game in development in conjunction with Mark Richardson of Green Hat Designs.

    More information on Google+


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  5. [Trail of Cthulhu] The Black Drop

    David LarkinsSeptember 8, 2014 at 9:15 PMYeah, the adventure came highly recommended from several sources. We're still not totally sold on the Gumshoe system, but this was a great little scenario regardles. There's no way I'd ever try to run it as anything but a one-shot of course—it's just too deadly! (And they even managed to avoid some of the deadlier parts of the sandbox during Act II.)And yes, we recorded this during the height of Santa Fe's deadly Spring pollen season (yes, there's more than one pollen season out here…), and Jen was getting hit particularly hard during the first evening's recording. Nothing a little prescription-strength antihistamine couldn't fix…Delete


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