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  1. Panic Podcast: Pantscast

    Most of us remember the iPhone app store launch in 2008 and the iPhone app gold rush that followed. Indie developers flocked to the platform, all determined to build a breakout app that would earn them millions. And pretty soon that gold rush… turned into a brown rush. Enter Panic, with a ridiculous novelty app and an elaborate fake backstory for a German company that didn't exist.

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  2. Emacs.el Podcast » Blog Archive » Emacs.el Episode 4: John Wiegley - Emacs State and Plans

    Emacs.el Episode 4: John Wiegley - Emacs State and Plans

    February 4, 2016

    In this episode I interview John Wiegley, the current Emacs maintainer. 

    He answers questions that was asked by the Emacs community.


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  3. CLONECAST - The Official Orphan Black Podcast: 2 - Stephen Lynch! (“Transitory Sacrifices Of Crisis”)

    Fan art links below! Hosts Rob Moden and Mackenzie Donaldson are joined by Orphan Black makeup artist Stephen Lynch to take your questions and look at your fan art! Hear about how he approaches the clones, how Helena's look came together in a bathroom, and his non-canon cloneswap Halloween costume.Reach us at http://twitter.com/clonecast and http://clonecast.tumblr.com after each episode in season 3 to get your comments, theories and art on the podcast!

    Fan art links:Sarah sketch - @stella_schoemanhttp://bit.ly/1EQSdMbWatercolors - @cidaportohttp://bit.ly/1DBo24q (clones)http://bit.ly/1EoOVwk (Felix)http://bit.ly/1bevr35 (Kira)http://bit.ly/1JSGEC0 (Rudy)Helena mangoes scene drawing - @stephxwuhttp://bit.ly/1QJSpQuLeda clones triptych drawing - Mollie Hillhttps://youtu.be/_62Uqq6RpsE (speed drawing video)http://bit.ly/1JAKdQF (final drawing)Seth cosplay - @CloneClubQuoteshttp://bit.ly/1OE1yeRRudy cosplay - @ErikaReyes713http://bit.ly/1DBpunf


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  4. Wits | Comedy, conversation, songs and surprises with host John Moe. | Wits Extra: Neil Gaiman, Friend of Wits |

    About the ShowOn the podcast extra this week: Extra bonus Neil Gaiman, Friend of Wits! Acclaimed author Neil Gaiman is a long-time pal of our show. He’s been a full-on guest twice, and has made special appearances countless times. Because we have so much fun with Neil every time he’s on, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of his more memorable moments on Wits. So we tuned up the Wits time-turn-backer machine to turn back time, where it’s time to turn toward timeless Neil Gaiman turns on our show.

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