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  1. CLONECAST - The Official Orphan Black Podcast: 8 - Josh Vokey & co-host Adrianna DiLonardo! (“Ruthless in Purpose, and Insidious in Method”)

    Josh Vokey is here to talk about the evolution of his character Scott! Learn how Josh got involved with Orphan Black, where he thinks Scott's allegiances truly lie, and how he'd want his death scene to go down as he, Rob, and guest co-host Adrianna DiLonardo (The Gay Women Channel on YouTube) go through your questions, your theories, and your fan art! ART LINKS

    Cloneopoly - @meseriouslyme & Rachel - @PocketClones Scott Pop Vinyl - @THAILA324b21 pastels on cardboard - queer-distortions.tumblr.com pencil portrait - Rachel Hicks clones campaign for Alison - first-movement.tumblr.com digital painting - rduncs.tumblr.com

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