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  1. CLONECAST - The Official Orphan Black Podcast: 10 - Kristian Bruun and co-hosts Ajay Fry & Morgan Hoffman (“History Yet to Be Written”)

    Donnie Hendrix himself, Kristian Bruun, is here to talk about the season finale of Orphan Black! Go behind the scenes of the infamous twerking scene, hear speculation about season 4, and more as Kristian, Rob, and special guest co-hosts Ajay Fry and Morgan Hoffman (Space Channel’s After the Black) go through your questions, your theories, and your fan art!Clonecast is going monthly between seasons! Follow us to keep updated about future guests and episodes!

    http://clonecast.tumblr.comFAN ART LINKS

    Helena & pupok painting - Michael Betzel and Tatiana/Ksenia sketches - @molkate illustrations of Orphan Black - aka Lesley Vamos cosplay from Supanova - @tarzapam vs Rudy fight poster - @neirbo hugs Donnie - @PocketClones Pocket Clone embroidery - Erin Wilson digital portrait - Leekie Pop Vinyl diorama - @THAILA324b21 Orphan Black parody music video - @iTheressa

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