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  1. One Shot- Trail of Cthulhu: The Dance in the Blood (Pt 1 of 2) | Free Podcasts | PodOmatic”

    In this Purist One Shot of Trail of Cthulhu (based on Call of Cthulhu and adapted from Robin Law's Gumshoe Game System by Kenneth Hite), our players find themselves in the English country town of Keswick. While they all have their reasons for being here, they aren't quite sure why this town and this place feels so familiar to them (having never been here before in their recollection). On the wall in The Blackstone Hotel, they discover a photograph from the early 1900's, which features children that look oddly like the investigators…

    Keeper: Kristy Cutsforth


    Dr. Michael Laws (Doctor) played by Gary Lange

    Rosa Parker (Antiquarian) played by Ryan Gerts

    Jonesy (Hobo) played by Kerry Cutsforth

    Countess Hilary Exeter (Dilettante) played by Kimela Walker

    "Dark Hallway (distressed)" Kevin MacLeod (

    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License



    Twitter: perilouspretend


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  2. Off Camera - 42. Tatiana Maslany by offcamera | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    Remember the unquestioned belief and magic of playing pretend as a kid? You were a dinosaur, no, a spy – no, wait, Queen of the Mermaids. You lost yourself for hours, aided and abetted, if you were lucky, by a few props and indulgent adults who agreed you were the Maharaja and became your willing subjects. Then you grow up, abandon make believe and yourself become the indulgent adult, which is a little sad, when you think about it. At the very least, it makes you ponder the “natural” progression of things. As someone who never wanted to let those fantasies go, Tatiana Maslany has won the lottery with Orphan Black, and the prize looks like the biggest costume box of make believe ever.

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  3. S\u0026L Podcast - #214 - Discworld’s Inner Rage by swordandlaser | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    S&L Podcast - #214 - Discworld's Inner Rage

    by swordandlaser

    published on 2015/04/30 05:50:30 +0000

    Rucksack Universe Author and Pratchett Enthusiast, Anthony St. Clair joins us to wrap up our reading of Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters. Is Granny Weatherwax a conduit for Pratchett's righteous anger? Does Tom live next to Nanny Ogg? All these mysteries and more revealed.

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    License: cc-by-nc-sa

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