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  1. Plot Points: Appendix N University “Ill Met in Lankhmar” by Fritz Leiber- Ep. 150

    A professor, an RPG designer, and a podcast host come together over Ill Met in Lankhmar, a seminal Appendix N text by Fritz Leiber. Game design, history, prose, and yes, even art, come together in this golden hour of audio. We need YOU to vote for Plot Points at the ENnies! Click here to support the show!   Ben’s book on RPG theory is finally available for purchase! Encounter Theory lays out Ben’s theory of adventure design. It also has 14 playplans to help you design better adventures, and an entire 5E adventure applying his ideas, along with commentary about why he wrote adventure the way he did. Check it out here!  Like Plot Points? Support it on Patreon at the $2 level, and you’ll get a sneak peek into Ben’s book about the sale of TSR to Wizards of the Coast! This chapter concerns TSR West, an effort by TSR to open an LA office devoted to producing comic books, an effort that failed rather impressively. It is the product of a dozen interviews with professionals from comics, gaming, and Hollywood, and as far as I can reckon, it is a tale entirely untold until now.   Buy Ill Met in Lankhmar for Kindle here! To let us know what you think about this episode, email us at plotpointsemail@gmail.com! Find us on Twitter @PlotPointsPod! Give us a review on iTunes to help the show grow! Audio courtesy of 50 Breaks! Image courtesy Goodman Games.  


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  2. Emacs.el Podcast » Blog Archive » Emacs.el Episode 4: John Wiegley - Emacs State and Plans

    Emacs.el Episode 4: John Wiegley - Emacs State and Plans

    February 4, 2016

    In this episode I interview John Wiegley, the current Emacs maintainer. 

    He answers questions that was asked by the Emacs community.


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  3. Plot Points : 58: Advanced GUMSHOE Seminar from GenCon 2015

    Check out Pelgrane's Advanced GUMSHOE Seminar from GenCon 2015! Hear the lights of the investigative rpg world hold forth on difficult questions. You heard the highlights on Ken & Robin. Here the comeplete saga here!Also, would YOU like a FREE physical copy of Ben's novel shipped to your home?  

    Here's what you do. Go to Inkshares.com and create a very simple profile. Just for doing this, the website gives you $5 in credits. Then, go to any novel, or if you're feeling particularly supportive, my novel. Go to the text of the novel and click on the chapter title. This takes you to a page where you can highlight and comment For commenting, you get another $5 credit, bringing your total to $10, which is the exact amount it costs to back my book! Then follow this link and back my book! Voila! Free book sent to you! But only if I win the contest by being in the top 5 by September 30th.

    I understanding not having ten bucks. But do you have ten minutes to do a bro a favor?

    Lemme sweeten the pot too. First, I'm launching another contest! Back the book by the 30th, and I will enter your name in a drawing to win an rpg session run by me via Skype or Gchat!

    Second, help me be in the top 5 by September 30th, and Chris and I will make an abridged audiobook of the novel!

    Third, help me win and I won't talk about this anymore!


    Thanks in advance!Ben


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  4. Wits | Comedy, conversation, songs and surprises with host John Moe. | Wits Extra: Neil Gaiman, Friend of Wits |

    About the ShowOn the podcast extra this week: Extra bonus Neil Gaiman, Friend of Wits! Acclaimed author Neil Gaiman is a long-time pal of our show. He’s been a full-on guest twice, and has made special appearances countless times. Because we have so much fun with Neil every time he’s on, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at some of his more memorable moments on Wits. So we tuned up the Wits time-turn-backer machine to turn back time, where it’s time to turn toward timeless Neil Gaiman turns on our show.

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  5. On RPGs 22: Oh My Gosh! It’s Ken Hite!

    In this episode, Don is joined by special guest Ken Hite to talk about many things gaming including his new Kickstarter, The Dracula Dossier.


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  6. Wits | Comedy, conversation, songs and surprises with host John Moe. | Neil Gaiman with My Brightest Diamond |

    The Guests Neil Gaiman is the bestselling author of books for adults and children.  The recipient of many awards, his works have been adapted for film, television, stage and radio. Some of Neil’s most notable titles include The Graveyard Book (the first book to ever win both the Newbery and Carnegie medals), American Gods and 2013's UK National Book Award's Book of the Year, The Ocean at the End of the Lane. 2 million people follow him on Twitter.  Born in the UK, he now lives in the US with his wife, the musician and writer, Amanda Palmer.My Brightest Diamond@MyBrightestDmndwww.mybrightestdiamond.comAs impressive as her list of recent collaborators, Shara Worden's voice and arresting live performances have left audiences thunderstruck from the Sydney Opera house to Lincoln Center to the House of Blues. She's performed under the experimental-pop moniker My Brightest Diamond for the last seven years, and counts Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dressner (The National), The Decemberists, Bon Iver, David Byrne and Laurie Anderson among collaborators and friends.  Her latest album, out September16, is titled This is My Hand.


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  7. Episode 8: Phil Hagelberg; empowering userspace in Heroku, Leiningen, and Emacs | Mostly λazy…a Clojure podcast

    Phil Hagelberg (a.k.a. technomancy just about everywhere) has been a constant presence in the Clojure world for years.  Best known for starting the Leiningen project — which he continues to maintain as part of his duties at Heroku — Phil has had his fingers in all sorts of open source pots, including Clojure itself, a…


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  8. Episode 6: Chris Houser; Clojure surveys; getting the “little things” right in languages; Yegge-rama; ClojureScript REPLs | Mostly λazy…a Clojure podcast

    I was stoked to reboot Mostly Lazy by talking yesterday with Chris Houser (a.k.a. Chouser), this time via Skype.  It's good to be back! Enjoy! Listen: Or, download the mp3 directly. Discrete Topics The 2012 State of Clojure survey results came in recently Discussion on the effect of duplicate values in set literals (and duplicate…


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