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  1. Plot Points: Swords, Spies, & Shoggoths: The Pelgrane Press Panel from Gen Con 2019- Ep. 156

    Discover what secrets will be sprung upon the world by Pelgrane Press in the coming months! Can your heart stand the appalling shocks? Explore tabletop role-playing at its finest!   Ben’s book on RPG adventure design, Encounter Theory, is on DriveThruRPG. Click here to pick up this essential volume! Like Plot Points? Support it on Patreon at the $2 level, and you’ll get a sneak peek into Ben’s book about the sale of TSR to Wizards of the Coast! This chapter concerns TSR West, an effort by TSR to open an LA office devoted to producing comic books, an effort that failed rather impressively. It is the product of a dozen interviews with professionals from comics, gaming, and Hollywood, and as far as I can reckon, it is a tale entirely untold until now.   Image courtesy Pelgrane Press.   Theme music courtesy 50 Breaks.

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