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  1. Interview with Cat Tobin from Pelgrane Press - G*M*S Magazine

    RPG Interview with Cat Tobin from Pelgrane Press. Pelgrane Press has been a referent in the world of #TTRPGs for a very long time.

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  2. Tabletop RPG Industry Myths with Cat Tobin (Pelgrane Press CEO) | dicegeeks

    Tabletop RPG industry myths and mistakes are tackled on the podcast today by Pelgrane Press CEO Cat Tobin. What is the RPG industry like? How do you get a job in the RPG industry? How do you self-publish content for existing company products? We touch on all of those topics and more. We also discuss how Cat was introduced to …

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  3. Panic Podcast: Pantscast

    Most of us remember the iPhone app store launch in 2008 and the iPhone app gold rush that followed. Indie developers flocked to the platform, all determined to build a breakout app that would earn them millions. And pretty soon that gold rush… turned into a brown rush. Enter Panic, with a ridiculous novelty app and an elaborate fake backstory for a German company that didn’t exist.

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  4. Ep. 91 Systems – Gumshoe | Mage Productions

    This week, Leigh and Joe and joined again by Toby from RPG Logic to talk about the Gumshoe system. We cover the overall system, all of the settings available within, character creation and more.


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  5. Going Mainstream with Mike Pondsmith | Role To Cast

    We catch up with Maximum Mike Pondsmith himself, creator of Cyberpunk 2020 and RED!


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  6. Episode 01 - Rob Wilkins

    Bernard sits down with Rob Wilkins, Terry’s friend and business manager for an extra-long episode to reminisce over their memories and experiences of working with Terry, including the creative process, his approach to writing and Hogswatch.

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  7. The Fall of Delta Green, Vampire the Masquerade, Role-playing Game Industry with Ken Hite | dicegeeks

    Ken Hite has designed tabletop role-playing games for more than 20 years. He has worked for many RPG companies from Wizards of the Coast to Pelgrane Press. Some of his RPGs include Trail of Cthulhu, Night’s Black Agents, The Fall of Delta Green, and the fifth edition of Vampire: The Masquerade. In the podcast episode, Ken and I discuss his …

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  8. Robin Laws at The Kraken 2019 | What Would The Smart Party Do?

    Bonus Episode - Robin Laws at The Kraken 2019

    (a.k.a You and I Can Go Fight Some Lesser Podcasts)

    He was last at The Kraken two years ago, and so when Robin Laws returned in 2019, it was only right that we tried to get some time to talk to him again about what he’s been up to, reminisce about some old


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  9. The strange state of iPhone reviews - The Verge

    The Vergecast interviews John Gruber of Daring Fireball on how reviewing iPhones has changed over time.

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  10. President Trump. Ukraine. Joe Biden. Impeachment.

    The House of Representatives appears to be moving toward impeachment of President Trump.

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