Why your meditation practice is not working l Kit Laughlin

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So many people want to start meditating, but agonise over what school of meditation, or what lineage, or even what type, with what goal. In this two-hour discussion between Kit Laughlin and Yusef Smith – from Propane Fitness – detailed instructions for how to start meditating are given, and the show notes below will help you find any section of interest.

00:00 - Intro 00:45 - Yusef mentions “Stretching 2.0” 01:45 - we are here today to talk about meditation 03:00 - what kind of mediation is best? 04:00 - basic instructions on how to start meditating 05:30 - learning styles have changed 07:10 - learning from written word 08:15 - follow along stretching programs vs recipe programs 10:15 - I have been meditating for ~35 years 10:50 - the need for simple, follow-along meditation programs 11:00 - what exactly is meditation? 11:45 - the Four Postures of meditation 12:15 - Yusef talks about the Daniel Ingram podcast 13:00 - Yusef talking about Daniel’s approach 13:45 - Yusef talk about shortening of attention span in modern era 14:15 - the “Six-second Abs” approach to meditation 14:45 - Kit asks Jusef, “What do you think the meditation project is?” 16:10 - Yusef talks about The Big Picture Medics podcast 17:00 - a surface take on different approaches 1…

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