The Pierre and Stephen Show Episode 3

Desiderata Pen Co YouTube channel: I did a mediocre job of time-stamping this video: 02:33 Racism in schools (elaboration on last episode) 12:30 The necessity of a sense of belonging 21:40 Materials of pens 23:40 On being offended 32:00 Dealing with difficult confrontations 40:00 Stoic emotions and existentialism 50:20 Life as a succession of moments and the future 52:20 A story about people who can’t communicate 58:00 Romanticism in music and art 1:09:00 Listening with closed ears 1:10:00 On being called a know-it-all 1:20:00 Humility 1:37:00 Wealth as a zero-sum game 1:40:00 Those who can, do…

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