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We are 3 guys doing a podcast out of our houses, living in El Paso TX..We Drink, We Talk, and We try to make you us at

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  1. The Drinking Crow Get Rushified!

    Episode 3 was recorded at Erick’s house early

    friday morning

    we talk about rush… ATT uVerse….and a bunch

    of other crap and its all done sober!!

    Drink Up!

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  2. The Drinking Crow Get Drunk

    Episode 2 was recorded at Erick’s house after

    we had had a couple….we orginally recorded an episode before it but it was destroyed…

    Drink Up!

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  3. The Drinking Crow Get Started

    Episode 1 was recorded at my house on the night

    of the Pacman fight, it was a fun time even

    though i sound a little nervous at first….

    Drink Up!

    —Huffduffed by thedrinkingcrowpodcast