Slate’s #9: The Moth, “Franny’s Last Ride” (2009)

The Moth began organizing live storytelling events in 1997. Eleven years later, they began turning recordings of those stories into podcasts. Few are as heartrending and eloquent as the one told by Mike DeStefano in 2007, which was released as a podcast in 2009. DeStefano, a comedian who died of a heart attack in 2011, talks about his life with Fran, whom he met in rehab when he was trying to kick heroin. Fran was diagnosed with AIDS after they started dating and before they got married. When she was in a hospice, shortly before her death, he bought the Harley-Davidson they’d always wanted and took her on a ride. “I always imagined the wind on a bike making you feel free, you know?” DeStefano says. “It’s so powerful. For 10 minutes we were normal, and that wind just blew all the death off of us. … Nothing I’ll ever do will be that grand.”

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  2. 9. The Moth, “Franny’s Last Ride” (2009)

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