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  1. Stewart Lee Sue Perkins

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  2. Irish passport

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  3. ComComPod James Acaster extras

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  4. MBMBAM 375

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  5. The Irish Passport Episode 2: UK election special – what is the DUP

    The dramatic UK election result has suddenly made Northern Irish politics more pressing than ever. Are you trying to figure out what the DUP is anyway and what all this means for Brexit? We answer all these questions and more in this special UK election edition of The Irish Passport. It includes a report from a loyalist pipe band event where we asked marchers what they thought of Brexit, and got some surprising answers….

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  6. The Irish Passport Episode 1: The Border

    Our pilot episode looks at political geography on the island of Ireland — what’s the difference between North and South? How did it get to be that way, and what is the future of the Irish border now that one part of the island is leaving the EU? We take a look at the history of north-south division on the island, and Naomi reports from the border region speaking to locals about their thoughts on the future of this international boundary.

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  7. Canvas #36: Wishes for iOS 11 - Relay FM

    This week Fraser and Federico welcome special guest Merlin Mann to discuss opportunities for improvements that may - or may not - arrive in iOS 11.

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  8. Mathematicians at War

    Speaker(s): Professor June Barrow-Green Chair: Professor Martin Anthony

    Recorded on 9 March 2017 at Hong Kong Theatre, Clement House

    British mathematicians responded to the First World War in several different ways. There were those who volunteered their mathematical skills for work at the Royal Aircraft Factory where they could experience the practice of flying as well as develop its theory, the National Physical Laboratory where they used wind tunnels, or the Anti-Aircraft Experimental Section of the Ministry of Munitions where they worked on ballistics; those who followed a military path; and those who, for reasons of conscience, refused to take an active part in the War at all. In this talk Professor Barrow Green will discuss the war-time activities of a variety of British mathematicians and examine the impact of the War on their careers as well as on mathematics itself.

    June Barrow-Green is Professor of History of Mathematics, Open University and Visiting Professor in Department of Mathematics, LSE.

    Martin Anthony (@MartinHGAnthony) is Professor of Mathematics and Head of Department of Mathematics at LSE.

    The Department of Mathematics (@LSEMaths) is internationally recognised for its teaching and research in the fields of discrete mathematics, game theory, financial mathematics and operations research

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  9. Sean Maloney Charles Rivers Show

    This podcast from The Charles Rivers Show features music journalist/ author of The Modern Lovers 33 1/3 series, Sean Maloney. Sean discusses the historic backdrop of the birth of the Boston based rock band The Modern Lovers featuring songwriter Jonathan Richman. What drove him to write the songs that became the first Modern Lovers album? Caught between a cultural landslide between the end of the 60s era leading into an era that thrived on an increase of crime and gentrification in industrial and urban cities, The Modern Lovers wrote the perfect soundtrack for a very confusing and fucked up time. Richmond was both artistically and culturally a force between the love generation and the presence and growth of punk rock.

    Sean’s book is available February 9th. Pre order your copy now for the story of how this album has become a classic.

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  10. Remaster #30: Nintendo Switch Review - Relay FM

    Our review of the Nintendo Switch, including a discussion of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (with no story spoilers).

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