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  1. O’Donohoe on Potato Chips and Salty Snacks

    Brendan O’Donohoe of Frito-Lay talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about how potato chips and other salty snacks get made, distributed, and marketed. The interview follows an hour-long tour of a local supermarket where O’Donohoe showed Roberts some of the ways that chips and snacks get displayed and marketed in a modern supermarket. The conversation is a window into a world that few of us experience or are even aware of—how modern producers and retailers make sure the shelves are stocked and their products get noticed.

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  2. Podcast in conversation with … the FRC’s climate review team

    In this episode Will Boyack, FRC Communications Manager, discusses the FRC’s upcomining climate review with Geoff Legouais, Julia Morris and Hannah Armitage.

    They discuss the current framework for climate reporting, what the FRC’s review will be looking at, and how companies, auditors, and investors all have a key role to play in tackling the climate challenge.

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  3. Game Theory and Politics

    Professor Bernhard von Stengel Professor Bernhard von Stengel | Game theory is the ‘science of interaction’. This talk will explain some insights of game theory and apply them to current politics. Of course politicians play games. They offer cheap promises that they think they don’t have to fulfil. Such as a "simple" in-out referendum on EU membership. That game plan went wrong. Game theory could have helped, with tools for thinking ahead and concepts of strategy. Game theory can also help explain the incentive problems of climate change and reasons for democratic deadlock. This talk will highlight some uses and mis-uses of game theory and decision theory with examples from politics. Bernhard von Stengel (@bvonstengel) is Professor of Mathematics at the London School of Economics which he joined in 1998, after studies in Germany and the USA. He is a former Vice President for Communications of the Game Theory Society, scientific chair of their 5th World Congress in 2016, and currently Deputy Head (Research) of the LSE Department of Mathematics. His research is on mathematical and computational questions of game theory. Jan van den Heuvel (@JanvadeHe) is Head of the Department of Mathematics at LSE. The Department of Mathematics (@LSEMaths) is internationally recognised for its teaching and research in the fields of discrete mathematics, game theory, financial mathematics and operations research. Twitter Hashtag for this event: #LSEGameTheory

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  4. The Irish Passport Episode 2: UK election special – what is the DUP

    The dramatic UK election result has suddenly made Northern Irish politics more pressing than ever. Are you trying to figure out what the DUP is anyway and what all this means for Brexit? We answer all these questions and more in this special UK election edition of The Irish Passport. It includes a report from a loyalist pipe band event where we asked marchers what they thought of Brexit, and got some surprising answers….

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