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  1. Science Goes to the Movies: ‘Gravity’

    With the astronaut flick Gravity dominating box offices and dinner table conversation, Science Friday brings in the experts to fact-check. In our first installment of "Science Goes to the Movies," astronauts Jeffrey Hoffman and Don Pettit answer your Gravity questions and explore the real risks of spaceflight.

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  2. Quinto Turns Inward To Find Spock’s Soul : NPR

    Playing the famous half-Vulcan requires a little meditative depth and a lot of brow-shaving. Heroes villain Zachary Quinto plays Spock in the reboot of the Star Trek franchise, with the blessing of original Spock Leonard Nimoy. Quinto tells NPR about befriending Nimoy, shaping eyebrows and more.

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  3. Zero Dark Thirty and the Politics of Torture - The Final Cut - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Of all the contenders for best picture at this year’€™s Oscars none has provoked as much controversy as Kathryn Bigelow’€™s Zero Dark Thirty, a film about the hunt for Osama Bin Laden widely criticized for its depiction of torture. It’€™s a film I’€™ve seen twice, and I have to confess, the first time it left me cold. But on second viewing it was a revelation.

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  4. Depression-Era Evil: Gothic Horror In A Haunted Land : NPR

    The Night of the Hunter is a much-loved film, but author Julia Keller says the book it is based on is even better —€” a forgotten masterpiece. Do you have a favorite book that became a movie? Tell us in the comments.

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  5. Guide to Zombies - Podcast - Part VI: Zombies and Modern Fears

    University of Alabama professor Sean Hoade examines how zombie films play on our real-world fears such as terrorism, epidemic disease and other contemporary concerns.

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  6. Guide to Zombies - Podcast - Part V: She’s Not Your Mother Anymore

    University of Alabama professor Sean Hoade discusses Freud’s Uncanny and its importance to zombie fiction.

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  7. Guide to Zombies - Podcast - Part IV: Zombies & Consumerism

    University of Alabama professor Sean Hoade discusses the history of zombies in film and the evolution of the genre over the course of the 20th Century.

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  8. Guide to Zombies - Podcast - Part II: The Living As Minority

    University of Alabama professor Sean Hoade discusses the history of zombies in film and the evolution of the genre over the course of the 20th Century.

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  9. Philosophers Zone - 23 July 2011 - Tree of Life - The cinema of Terrence Malick

    Terrence Malick is, perhaps, unique: a film director who is well-trained in philosophy and who has published an English translation of a book by the great German philosopher Martin Heidegger. But should we see his movies as philosophical statements? In particular, what are we to make of his latest, The Tree of Life, which is set in Texas in the fifties but also takes us back to the creation of the world and the age of the dinosaurs? Metaphysics or pretension? This week, a philosophical investigation of Malick’s work.

    Robert Sinnerbrink
    Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, Macquarie University, Australia

    Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy

    Further Information
    Robert Sinnerbrink - university homepage (

    A Heideggerian Cinema?: On Terrence Malick’s The Thin Red Line (
    By Robert Sinnerbrink Film-Philosophy 10.3 (December 2006)

    From Mythic History to Cinematic Poetry: Terrence Malick’s The New World Viewed (
    By Robert Sinnerbrink - from Screening the Past Issue 26 (2009)

    Things to look into - The cinema of Terrence Malick (
    By Adrian Martin Rouge magazine (2007)

    Title: New Philosophies of Film: Thinking Images
    Author: Robert Sinnerbrink
    Publisher: Continuum (2011) upcoming
    (Focuses on Terrence Malick, David Lynch and Lars von Trier)

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  10. Arthur C. Clarke, Alvin Toffler, and Margaret Mead on Man’s Future

    What does the future look like from the past? This exciting program with three people that could not better represent the intelligentsia of futurism circa 1970. This recording is from a radio program called “Sound on Film”, a series on films and the people who make them. This episode is entitled “2001–Science Fiction or Man’s Future?” Recorded May 7th, 1970. Joseph Gelman is the moderator.

    At the time of this recording Arthur C. Clarke had recently collaborated on the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey with Stanley Kubrick. Alvin Toffler’s mega-influential book, Future Shock, is about to be published. And Margaret Mead is the world’s foremost cultural anthropologist.

    An intriguing conversation that still has relevance today.

    2001–Science Fiction or Man’s Future?


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