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  1. The price of power - Background Briefing - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    With Australian electricity prices amongst the highest in the world, more and more households are going solar. The big power companies say the Renewable Energy Target is pushing up prices and undermining their businesses and the federal government agrees. So who is to blame for the high price of power? Jess Hill investigates.

    Further Information:
    Report: Senate Inquiry into Electricity Prices (
    Report: Climate Change Authority review into the Renewable Energy Target (2012) (
    Renew Economy, specialist website covering the renewable energy industry (
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    Australian Solar Council (
    Mid-North Coast energy demand review (
    ACT 90 per cent renewable energy target (

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  2. Microgrids: hyper-distributed power - Future Tense - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Microgrids can stand alone or feed into a bigger network. Are they a smarter solution to power distribution?

    When it comes to power distribution, the focus of the past has been on building larger and larger electricity grids, but with size comes vulnerability.

    So why not develop autonomous, yet interconnecting micro-grids? Ones that can stand alone or feed into a bigger network.

    Steve Pullins, Founder and CEO of Horizon Energy Group

    Peter Asmus, Principal Research Analyst, Navigant

    Dawn Santoianni, Managing Director at Tau Technical Communications, LLC

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    Further Information:
    Are Microgrids the Key to Energy Security? Scientific American post by Dawn Santoianni (

    Horizon Energy Group (

    Navigant Market Data: Microgrids (

    Navigant Microgrid Enabling Technologies (

    What are Microgrids? Tau Technical Communications LLC (

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  3. Feed-in tariffs for renewable electricity - Hans-Josef Fell, MP

    Hans-Josef Fell is a Member of the German Federal Parliament and Energy Policy Speaker for the German Greens. He wrote the draft Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) which was adopted in 2000 in the face of a strong political opposition.

    The adoption of the EEG led directly to the phenomenally successful German feed-in tariff policy. The EEG is the foundation for the technological developments in photovoltaics, biogas, wind power and geothermal energy in Germany, which are admired throughout the world.

    The underlying principle of the EEG has now been copied in dozens of countries, as well as most Australian states and territories.

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  4. Future is bright for high efficiency rooftop solar technologies | Beyond Zero Radio for Climate Solutions

    Beyond Zero’s Anthony and Matthew recap four recent interviews on rooftop solar technology - Tindo Solar, Solar Junction, Solarus and Tractile Solar.

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  5. CSIROpod > There’s always the sun?

    Australia has abundant solar energy resources, but until now there has been very little publicly available research on how the variable nature of sunshine affects electricity networks.

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  6. Germany and renewable energy - Rear Vision - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    We are told that Germany now leads the world in terms of green technology and the generation of renewable electricity. So how has this come about, what are the benefits and what has been the cost?

    Guests Hans Josef Fell, German Green politician

    Professor Volkmar Lauber, Professor of Politics at the University of Salzburg

    Professor Colin Vance, Researcher at the RWI Research Institute and at Jacobs University and specialises in energy and transportation policy, and global environmental change.

    Publications Title: Switching to Renewable Power: A Framework for the 21st Century
    Author: Volkmar Lauber, ed
    Publisher: Earthscan
    ISBN: 1-902916-65-4

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  7. Energy efficiency: Not in Australia mate! - Background Briefing - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    In forty years Australia’s energy efficiency record has barely improved.  We’re a land of air con, power hungry industry, and fuel guzzling cars.  But electricity is no longer cheap, and we have to deal with carbon emissions.  Energy savings could deal with both.  Yet the message has been swept away by the political storm over a carbon price.  Reporter: Di Martin

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  8. Energy efficiency: how does your house rate? - Background Briefing - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Want to avoid big power bills in your next home? The federal government wants all homes for sale or rent to have an energy efficiency rating. We already rate new homes, and the system is weeding out some power guzzling designs. But there are major flaws as well. Some super efficient designs don’t rate—and some six star homes are still substandard. So how do you find an energy efficient home?  Reporter: Di Martin

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