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  1. Unfinished Business; 046: Let zygones be bygones. A Doctor Who 50th anniversary special

    046: Let zygones be bygones. A Doctor Who 50th anniversary special

    In this week’s extra length special episode of Unfinished Business, Jon Hicks and I talk exclusively about Doctor Who, so there isn’t a single piece of business advice anywhere in the show — not that there’s usually much.

    In particular we talk about the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary episode, so if you haven’t seen that yet — spoilers! Before that we talk about ‘An Adventure In Space And Time’, the story of the First Doctor William Hartnell and ‘The Night Of The Doctor’ mini episode that set the scene for the 50th Anniversary last week.

    Show Notes: Dr. Who and the Daleks (
    The Goodies (TV series) (
    An Adventure in Space and Time (
    The Three Doctors (
    Delta and the Bannermen (with Ken Dodd) (
    Susan Foreman (
    The Night of the Doctor (
    The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot (

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  2. Business culture versus strategy - Big Ideas - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Is business culture is led by strategies - or the other way round?

    With global and domestic economies getting tougher, business leaders are looking for better ways to set up their organisations for the future. But do businesses need clever strategic planning or is it rather about fostering the right culture? An expert panel explores whether business culture is led by strategies - or the other way round.

    This discussion is moderated by Karina Carvalho, presenter of ABC News Queensland.

    Karina Carvalho, Presenter of ABC News Queensland

    Dr Neil Carrington, CEO of the charity ACT for Kids

    Li Cunxin, Artistic director of the Queensland Ballet

    Beth Winchester, Executive General Manager Human Resources with Fuji Xerox Australia

    Rob Kent, Managing partner of the advertising agency Publicis Mojo

    Dr John O’Donnell, CEO of Mater Health Services

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  3. Andrew Clarke and Anna Debenham have Unfinished Business

    036: Take regular dumps
    15 September 2013

    Designer, icon artist , author and possibly Doctor Who’s next companion Jon Hicks joins host Andrew Clarke this week. They discuss differences in the ways that Jon approaches different types of clients, how publishing his day rate and availability on his web site has improved the ‘quality’ of his enquiries and who ultimately owns the work that they do. As you might expect they couldn’t spend an hour together without talking about Doctor Who. Quite a lot.

    Show notes:
    Jon Hicks on Twitter ( Hicksdesign ( The only drawback with the iPhone ( App Icon changes in iOS7 ( Phonebloks ( Fergus Webber’s Observation Banquit (fwob) ( How to handle a web deisgner (

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  4. The publicly traded person - Future Tense - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Mike Merrill describes himself as the first ‘publicly traded person’. He’s a human being and a company—all at the same time. And he has shareholders who vote on everything he does, from taking a new job to having a vasectomy. So what does he get out of such an unusual arrangement and exactly what is he trying to tell us about the modern world?

    NOTE: Yes, yes, we know he’s not a real company, in the legal sense that is, but let’s just try and go with it ;-)

    Mike Merrill, Publicly Traded Person.

    Further Information:
    Mike Merrill’s website (
    Atlantic article on Mike Merrill (

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  5. A History Of The ‘Big’ Business Of Hip-Hop : NPR

    In 1979, producer Sylvia Robinson heard hip-hop music at a birthday party in Harlem and had a hunch that it would be commercially successful.

    She called her son, Joey Robinson Jr., and asked him to gather a group of musicians who could perform like the rappers she saw in Harlem. She then held makeshift auditions for a rap group outside a pizza parlor in Englewood, N.J.

    "She put these three guys together who had never met each other before, had the backing track all ready and created a record in a matter of minutes," says Dan Charnas, a former rap industry executive who chronicles the history of hip-hop in a new book, The Big Payback.

    The group that Robinson put together, Charnas says, would become the Sugarhill Gang, and the track they recorded was "Rapper’s Delight," the first hip-hop single to break into the Top 40 charts.

    "Basically, it’s a record that created an industry," Charnas says. "Nobody thought the stuff that was in the streets was even music. It was stuff that people did at parties. But Sylvia Robinson had the notion that she could turn it into a record. And she did, and it was extremely successful, due in no small part to her own production genius."

    Dan Charnas has worked on projects with Rick Rubin, Sir Mix-A-Lot, DJ Kool, Special Ed and Run-D.M.C. His articles have appeared in The Washington Post, Scratch Magazine, The Chicago Tribune and The Source. He was also a music supervisor on the Showtime program Interscope Presents: The Next Episode.

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  6. 70Decibels - Generational - 038 - Building Sustainable Businesses with Maciej Cegłowski

    Gabe and Erik chat with Maciej Cegłowski, creator of Pinboard, about travel, deciding to create your own business, and helping others build their own, $37 at a time.

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  7. The Heidegger Way - The Philosopher’s Zone - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Why let the Cartesian mind-body split stand in the way of a successful business pitch? For better results, use Heidegger.

    Being and Time is a difficult read. But for one business consultant Heidegger’s classic holds plentiful clues to understanding the ‘deeper’ reality of marketplace behaviour, which many modern firms have failed to grasp. Today, how to break out of that Cartesian rut, and learn to love Heidegger for fun and a little more profit.

    Professor Taylor Carman, Barnard College, Columbia University
    Christian Madsbjerg, Partner, ReD Associates

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  8. How to transform vision into value « Service Design 2012

    This presentation shines the light on what’s missing in turning a customer experience vision into tangible business value. How do you use all that is good and useful from typical customer experience approaches? How do you add commercial rigour and the hard core analytics in a way that one competency doesn’t dominate the other? What is the secret in bringing together the skills and perspectives that result in a great customer experience and an equally great commercial outcome?

    Presented by Damian Kernahan

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  9. Innovation in Australia part 3 of 3 - getting to where we want to be - The Science Show - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    In the final part of his three-part series on innovation in Australia, Mark Dodgson argues for the importance of innovation in creating a prosperous society. He contrasts the success of countries which have embraced innovation with the stagnation of those which have not. After describing the influence of Australia’s colonial past, and efforts in recent decades to bring forth change, this week Mark Dodgson presents his simple recipe for government, business and education, to create a nation with a prosperous future.

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  10. Innovation in Australia part 2 of 3 - recent times - The Science Show - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Mark Dodgson continues his look at innovation in Australia. We hear about Australian inventor Arthur Bishop (1917–2006), described as a modern-day Leonardo da Vinci. He took on the world car industry with his new steering mechanism. Politician John Button sought to modernise Australia’s backward approach to industry in the 1980s, and the CSIRO, bruised and battered at the turn of the century survives as it transforms itself making its research more market-focussed. This week it launched its latest flagship, concentrating on digital communications.

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