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  1. Classic LNL: Tins without labels - Late Night Live - 23 September 2011

    Huffduffed on the understanding the label said;

    Originally broadcast 24 November 2005. A wide ranging discussion with the British journalist and author Francis Wheen. Wheen’s book is subtitled, ‘A Short History of Modern Delusions’, in which he challenges the rise in superstition, relativism and emotional hysteria over the past quarter of a century.

    However label had fallen off before being put back on the shelf and infact contents were a step back in time to 1994 to the fall of John Major from the British prime ministership, an interview with two american experts, Geoff Chester and David Lytel, about this new thing called the information super highway and science fiction author and inventor of that other 90’s bussword cyberspace, William Gibson.

    Like a surprise tin from Arkrights store, the NQR episode of Late Night Live.

    —Huffduffed by theJBJshow