By Design 2011-08-03

Rethinking retail design In a time when so many shoppers are preferring to do it online, those businesses who want to continue to survive successfully on the main street or in the mall need to think innovatively to recreate a stimulating shopping environment. And we´re not just talking about the look of the shop but a total service package and brand identity that can win customer loyalty, ideally for a lifetime. Viennese Architecture - influence runs deep Many threads flow through and out of the architecture designed in Vienna at the dawn of the 20th century. One of them is the concept of one-stop shopping, expressed in our time through innovative shops like IKEA. Trends: putting fashion into the museum Listed in New York Daily News as one of Fashion´s 50 Most Powerful People, eminent fashion scholar Valerie Steele is the director and curator of The Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York. Here, she talks about the relationship between the museum and fashion - it is a new trend. Listeners’ Letters Here is an audio clip of this week’s Listeners’ Letters. What do Industrial Designers do? The Australian Industry´s night of nights, the 2011 Australian International Design Awards Presentation Ceremony, was held in Melbourne on Friday 22 July 2011,

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