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  1. Is Facebook the Antichrist of privacy?

    Patch Monday broadcast by Stilgherrian

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  2. 99% Invisible

    Queue Theory and Design — In the US, it’s called a line. In Canada, it’s often referred to as a line-up. Pretty much everywhere else, it’s known as a queue. My friend Benjamen Walker is obsessed with queues. He keeps sending me YouTube clips of queue violence. This preoccupation led him to find a man known as “Dr. Queue.”


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  3. A Conversation with Steve Bourne, Eric Allman, and Bryan Cantrill - ACM Queue

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  4. ISP filtering goes ‘voluntary’ - Patch Monday - Blogs - ZDNet Australia

    Australia’s mandatory internet filter is at least two years away, but Telstra and Optus are only weeks from implementing their "voluntary" equivalents. Where are we up to with this controversial issue?


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  5. Episode 20 - The War on CRUD | The Laravel Podcast

    We talk about configuration and queue updates, architecture and CRUD apps, clients and code quality, business and app development, and a lot more.


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  6. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Is Worse Than You Think | On The Media

    In 1997, captain Charles Moore wrote about sailing through a patch of garbage in the Pacific which went on for days. At first, media reports referred to the patch as the size of Texas, then twice the size of the Texas, then five times the size of Texas, and so on. The vision of the garbage patch was also transformed by misleading stock photos of polluted rivers.

    Dan Engber, a columnist for Slate, says this idea of the garbage patch is wrong—but it’s also comforting, because it allows us to believe our plastic is accumulating in one confined place in the middle of the Ocean, far from us. He talks to Bob about how the truth is actually harder to envision, and also much more dangerous: the plastic garbage patch is more like a soup of contaminants that seep into the food chain.


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  7. Stilgherrian: Talking Regin spyware on ABC Radio

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  8. Stilgherrian · Talking ID and security on ABC 105.7 Darwin

    All publication is a political act. All communication is propaganda. All art is pornography. All business is personal. All hail Eris. Vive les poissons rouges sauvages!


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  9. Waiting In Line In America

    Even though waiting in line is an essential part of the human experience there is no such thing as a universal queue.

    Many people now believe that the American queue is shedding its British "first-come, first-served" character and is taking on a new form.

    In this Your World documentary for BBC World Service, Benjamen Walker examines how in the United States, the system is changing to the priority queue.

    According to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s operational management guru "Dr Queue", most priority queues are invisible but Walker spots them in airports, amusement parks, highways and community colleges.

    Benjamen questions if the idea of allowing people to buy their way to the front of the line is compatible with traditional American values like equal opportunity and fairness.

    He also asks if the priority queue offers freedom of choice or if it creates a two-tiered society.

    From: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p00y2wt0

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  10. Stilgherrian · Talking digital privacy on ABC 891 Adelaide

    All publication is a political act. All communication is propaganda. All art is pornography. All business is personal. All hail Eris. Vive les poissons rouges sauvages!


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