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  1. Evangelical Voters and Trump: Will the Turkish Offensive in Syria Mark a Change? | The Takeaway | WNYC Studios

    Some evangelicals have cast doubt on President Trump’s actions, but they may still support him.

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  2. NPR: Planet Money Podcast - #301: Norway’s Got Advice For Libya

    With their current leader, Moammar Gadhafi, on the run, Libya needs to start thinking about its next big challenge — what to do with the massive amount of wealth they as a country possess in oil. It sounds strange to worry about a huge influx of money, but almost all countries that find oil suffer from the natural resource curse.There is, however, one notable exception — Norway.An Iraqi geologist named Farouk al-Kasim advised Norway on how to organize its oil industry, and he is credited with helping it escape the resource curse.Today on the podcast, he tells us how he did it.

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  3. Tech News 2Night 36 | TWiT.TV

    Groundbreaking news for cord-cutters, where is iOS 7.1?, is Bitcoin a currency or commodity?, RadioShack to close over 1,000 stores, and how you can be a trailblazer without getting fired.

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