Core Intuition » Episode 210: They Pushed It To GitHub

Daniel and Manton react to Swift’s open-sourcing, and the extent to which it adds momentum to the language and increases its appeal. They also discuss the open-sourcing of Microsoft’s MarsEdit-esque blog editor, Windows Live Writer.

Download (MP3, 56 minutes, 27 MB) – Apple’s new home-page for the Swift open-source project. – Another example of a major open source project from Apple.

Swift-Evolution – Apple’s project dedicated to mapping the future of Swift.

IBM Swift Sandbox – Interactive Swift compiler web page from IBM.

Perfect – Swift-based web server project.

Lasso – Old-school software from Perfect developer Kyle Jessup.

Ecto – The once-powerful competitor to MarsEdit.

OpenLiveWriter – Open-source blog editor based on Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer.

WordPress 4.4 – The latest open-source version of WordPress, code-named “Clifford.” REST API – Server-side API against which Calypso is built.

WP REST API – Open-source API being gradually introduced to project.

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