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  1. Sequence 28 - ForeFlight edit 2.mp3 - Google Drive

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  2. Episode #47 PyPy now works with way more C-extensions and parking your package safely - [Python Bytes Podcast]

    Python Bytes podcast delivers headlines directly to your earbuds.

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  3. 085: WebAssembly with Jay Phelps | The Frontside Podcast

    We loved having Jay Phelps on the show so much last week, we invited him back this week to talk about WebAssembly!

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  4. Episode 12 - Neil Mitchell on Development Tools - The Haskell Cast

    Listen to regular interviews with the Haskell community. The podcast covers news, libraries, and whatever other topics we wander onto with our guests.

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  5. 083: Learn Haskell, Think Less | The Frontside Podcast

    It’s like hanging out at our software studio in Austin, Texas with Charles Lowell and the Frontside Team. We talk to smart people about how to make the world of software better for the people who make and use it. Managed and produced by @therubyrep.

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  6. with Ned Batchelder – Episode 121 – Podcast.__init__

    Do you want to try out some of the tools and applications that you heard about on Podcast.init? Do you have a side project that you want to share with the world? Check out Linode at or use the code podcastinit2017 and get a $20 credit to try out their fast and reliable Linux virtual servers. They’ve got lightning fast networking and SSD servers with plenty of power and storage to run whatever you want to experiment on.

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  7. SE-Radio Episode 296: Type Driven Development with Edwin Brady : Software Engineering Radio

    SE-Radio Episode 296: Type Driven Development with Edwin Brady

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    by SE-Radio

    on July 11, 2017


    Edwin Brady speaks to Matthew Farwell about Type Driven Development and the Idris Programming language. The show covers: what a type is; static vs dynamic types in programming languages; dependent types; the Idris programming language; why Idris was created. Type safe printf modelling state in Idris modelling protocols in Idris modelling concurrency in Idris type driven development and how it changes the development process.

    Related Links


    Type Driven Development

    Idris Twitter

    Edwin Brady

    Edwin Brady Twitter


    SE Radio Episode 249: Vaughn Vernon on Reactive Programming with the Actor Model

    Episode 178: Akka With Jonas Boner (on actors)

    Programming and reasoning with algebraic effects and dependent types Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

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  8. This Week in Law 391 Pai In The Sky

    We light a candle for internet laws, the Swiss have holes in their speech protections, the internet is turning music upside down, Congress is doing the ostrich, Uber wish that it c…

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  9. The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 192, With Special Guests Manton Reece and Brent Simmons

    The Talk Show

    ‘The Original Sin Is XML’, With Special Guests Manton Reece and Brent Simmons

    Wednesday, 31 May 2017

    Manton Reece and whisky-soaked baritone Brent Simmons join the show to talk about JSON Feed, the new spec they co-authored for syndicating things like blog posts and podcasts. We talk about their longstanding mutual interest in Userland Frontier, Dave Winer’s groundbreaking scripting environment from the early ’90s, and how that background — and their mutual love for publishing on the open web and the democratization of technology — ultimately lead to the creation of JSON Feed, as well was their other new projects: Manton’s publishing platform, and Brent’s new open source Mac app, announced for the first time right here on the show. And of course a brief look ahead to next week’s WWDC 2017.

    Download MP3.

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    JSON Feed

    JSON Feed links on Daring Fireball

    Interest in XML vs. JSON over the last 5 years. — Manton’s new publishing platform.

    Evergreen — Brent’s new open source Mac app.

    Evergreen’s GitHub repository.

    Userland Frontier.




    Seneca: “The Shortness of Life”.

    Yours truly back in 2009: “Twitter Apps Are a UI Playground”.

    Manton’s old Tweet Library app.

    “App: The Human Story” screening and panel discussion at WWDC 2017

    This episode of The Talk Show was edited by Caleb Sexton.

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  10. Core Intuition » Episode 283: Reset All The Things

    Daniel and Manton discuss the new JSON Feed format and initial public reaction to it. They talk about Panic’s source code being stolen, and Daniel celebrates/laments his new MacBook Pro.

    Download Audio (MP3, 58 minutes, 49 MB)

    Many thanks to our sponsors this week:

    Digimarc: The best mobile scanning solution today. The only solution for tomorrow.

    Linode: Cloud Hosting for You.


    Announcing JSON Feed – Official announcement of JSON Feed 1.0.

    jsonfeed-wp – WordPress plugin supporting automated generation of JSON Feed compatible feeds. – Manton’s microblogging service.

    Brent on JSON Feed – Brent Simmons shares his thoughts on the announcement…

    Manton on JSON Feed – … and Manton shares his.

    The Case of the Stolen Source Code – Panic details the theft of their source code, subsequent ransom threat, and what they’re doing about it.

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