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  1. Large models on CPUs with Mark Kurtz, director of ML at Neural Magic (Practical AI #221) |> Changelog

    Model sizes are crazy these days with billions and billions of parameters. As Mark Kurtz explains in this episode, this makes inference slow and expensive despite the fact that up to 90%+ of the parameters don’t influence the outputs at all. Mark helps us understand all of the practicalities and progress that is being …

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  2. A Week Where Decades Happened (with Kori Schake) - The Bulwark

    American Enterprise Institute’s Kori Schake joins the panel to analyze the Russian invasion and the risks of a wider war. Damon’s Link: I’m a Cold War Historian. We’re in a Frightening New Era. (New York Times) Mona’s Link: Children First: Why Family Structure and Stability Matter for Children…

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  3. Justin Amash v. Death Star - Advisory Opinions

    Listen now (63 min) | Rep. Justin Amash of Michigan joins David and Sarah to discuss his announcement that he is exploring a presidential run as a candidate of the Libertarian Party. David and Sarah then turn to the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25-year-old black man, in a South Georgia neighborhood.

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  4. Your Daily Motte-and-Bailey - The Remnant

    Listen now (53 min) | On this Ruminant, Jonah finds himself hearing the “binary choice” argument all over again, but this time about Trump vs. Biden. In his response, he also deals with the ways in which people are failing to take the Reade allegation seriously, how we have a political class of perpetual underdogs, and how dishonest arguments have snuck into our partisan debates.

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