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  1. How to Build a Life You Love by Quitting Everything Else with Lynne Tye of Key Values

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    Nate wants to experiment with the UI, but Twitter keeps getting the results.

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  3. xi-day

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  4. NPR: Planet Money Podcast - #301: Norway’s Got Advice For Libya

    With their current leader, Moammar Gadhafi, on the run, Libya needs to start thinking about its next big challenge — what to do with the massive amount of wealth they as a country possess in oil. It sounds strange to worry about a huge influx of money, but almost all countries that find oil suffer from the natural resource curse.There is, however, one notable exception — Norway.An Iraqi geologist named Farouk al-Kasim advised Norway on how to organize its oil industry, and he is credited with helping it escape the resource curse.Today on the podcast, he tells us how he did it.

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  5. Core Intuition » Episode 364: The Normal Job Part Of It

    A podcast about indie software development for the Mac, iOS and other Apple technologies.

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  6. 42: “Pragmatic priorities”, with special guest Ted Kremenek — Swift by Sundell

    Ted Kremenek, manager of the Languages and Runtimes team at Apple, joins

    John to talk about Swift 5 — focusing on ABI stability and what it means

    for the future of the language, how the underpinnings of String have been

    improved in this release, how Apple is using Swift internally, and much


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  7. 349: Talking Svelte with Rich Harris - ShopTalk

    Visit the post for more.

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  8. Rust And Bitter C++ Developers With Jim Blandy - CoRecursive Podcast

    Today I talk with Jim Blandy, one of the authors of Programming Rust.  We talk about what problems rust is trying to solve, the unique language features and type system of rust. It includes both algebraic data types, type classes, and generics.  We also touch on why it is so hard to secure code. Jim …

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  9. Exponent 162 — Why Exponent Isn’t on Spotify | Exponent

    Ben and James discuss Spotify’s move into podcasts and integration and modularity in value chains.


    Ben Thompson: Spotify’s Podcast Aggregation Play — Stratechery

    Ben Thompson: Lessons From Spotify — Stratechery

    Ben Thompson: Podcasts, Analytics, and Centralization — Stratechery

    Ben Thompson: The Future of Podcasting — Stratechery

    Ben Thompson: The BuzzFeed Lesson — Stratechery


    Ben Thompson, @benthompson, Stratechery

    James Allworth, @jamesallworth, Harvard Business Review

    Podcast Information





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  10. The One About Information Consumption – Rands in Repose

    Two years almost to the day, we’re back with The Important Thing. In the third episode, Lyle and I talk Information Consumption. Notification purges, marking all as read, and figuring out how to catch the most important information are just a few of the tips and tricks we discuss. Enjoy it now or download for …

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