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  1. Episode 228 | Erik Dietrich - Developer Hegemony

    Erik Dietrich is an experienced programmer, software architect, team leader, coach, and technologist that enjoys working with a wide variety of programming languages, frameworks and tools. The majority of his recent experience has focused on the .NET framework, though over the years he has worked with C++, Java, and a number of other languages. Projects range from low-level driver and kernel module programming all the way up to user interface design, and the types of applications run the gamut from home automation to rigorous code analysis to line of business applications.

    His passion for working with technology extends beyond the workplace and into his work under the umbrella of his LLC. He does various types of traditional consulting projects, but also produces software-related content for public consumption. He createa developer training videos for Pluralsight aimed at intermediate to advanced programmers. Beyond that, he is also an author and active technical blogger.

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  2. Request For Commits #11: Funding the Web with Brendan Eich | Changelog

    Brendan Eich, founder of Brave and creator of JavaScript, joined the show to talk about the history of the web, how it has been funded, and the backstory on the early browser wars and emerging monetization models. We also talked about why big problems are hard to solve for the Internet and the tradeoffs between centralization and distribution.

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  3. Episode #7 Michael Cronin / The Remote Way | Remote Works Podcast

    Michael Cronin dropped out of college to join a startup which was later acquired by Groupon. All of this before the age of 21. Michael now works remotely for The Remote Way, an organization that offers an all inclusive way to travel the world for 8 months while concurrently continuing your existing remote job. Michael shares his experiences that led him to drop out of college, the success of an acquisition and his experience with remote work and being a digital nomad.

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  4. #68 — Reality and the Imagination

    In this episode of the Waking Up podcast, Sam Harris speaks with Yuval Noah Harari about meditation, the need for stories, the power of technology to erase the boundary between fact and fiction, wealth inequality, the problem of finding meaning in a world without work, religion as a virtual reality game, the difference between pain and suffering, the future of globalism, and other topics.   You can support the Waking Up podcast at

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  5. Death and Distributed Systems with Pieter Hintjens | Software Engineering Daily Play in new window | Download

    Pieter Hintjens grew up writing software by himself. The act of writing code brought him great pleasure, but the isolated creative process disconnected him from the rest of the world. As his life progressed he became involved in open source communities, and he discovered a passion for human interaction.Open source software succeeds or fails on the strength of the community. One story of success is ZeroMQ, a popular open source distributed messaging system that was started by Pieter Hintjens. In this episode, Pieter gives his thoughts on human nature, distributed systems, and death. “A Protocol For Dying” is a blog post Pieter wrote recently, where he discussed his terminal diagnosis of cancer, and how it has reframed his perspective on life.


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