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  1. Connected #95: RelayCon WWDC 2016 - Relay FM

    The Relay FM family comes together in San Francisco to discuss the WWDC announcements in front of a live audience.

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  2. Connected #65: The iPad Pro Review - Relay FM

    Federico talks to Myke and Stephen about the iPad Pro.

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  3. Connected #51: Ironic Heartbeats - Relay FM

    This week: the end of iCloud Drive follow-up, the start of Stephen’s independent life, a super-late Apple Watch review and the return of “weekly” picks.

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  4. Connected #44: Ignorance By Design - Relay FM

    This week the Europeans are going it alone to talk about the new iOS Notes app, iOS 9 on the iPad, Editorial 1.2, and whether WatchKit should have existed.

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  5. Connected #39: All Fancy and 2.0 - Relay FM

    This week, the guys talk about the state of the Mac App Store and share their hopes and dreams for iOS 9.

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  6. Connected #35: The Popsicle Rumor - Relay FM

    This week, the boys are joined by Jason Snell to talk about, then wrap up “Becoming Steve Jobs.”

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  7. Connected #33: The RoboCop of Apple Watches - Relay FM

    This week, Stephen and Federico are joined by David Smith to talk about Tim Cook and WatchKit apps.

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  8. Connected #30: To America and Back - Relay FM

    On the heels of Apple’s Spring Forward event, the boys talk about Federico’s trip to San Francisco, the new MacBook, the Apple Watch and more.

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  9. Connected #26: I Disagree with Myself - Relay FM

    This week, the guys talk about Sunrise, ChromeOS, and Tim Cook’s remarks at the Goldman Sachs Conference.

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  10. MPU 025: Geeking Out With Hazel | Mac Power Users

    In this episode, David and Katie talk about how to keep your Mac clean and organized using Noodlesoft’s Hazel. Hazel watches folders and runs actions based on specific criteria to take action on the folder items. Hazel also keeps your Mac tidy by throwing away left-over bits of deleted programs and helping you to manage your trash.

    Links of noteHazel

    Noodlesoft Recipe Exchange

    MacSparky: Sorting and Moving Documents

    MacSparky: Magic Install Disk Screencast

    ScreenCastsOnline: Housekeeping with Hazel

    Add to Things via Dropbox and Hazel


    PassPORT iPhone Charging Adapter

    Use Discount Code MPU25 to save 20% off the purchase price of Hazel. The discount expires May 3 and can be found here. Valid for one week after the show is published.

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    Save 20% off the price of 1Password using coupon code MacPowerUsers or through this link:

    Correction: The Fuze $25 iTunes card requires that you sign up at, not just as mentioned in the show.

    Podcast: Play in new window

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